NWO News

Before all the electronic cage media in this country I check


at least twice daily.  Anything else is programming aimed at dividing people so that they won’t co-operate with each other once shit hits fan big time.

It is also perfectly OK for most of you to discount links you have been told have obvious political biases.  I want to hear all sides.

Over my dead body. No microchip for Heidi.


More microchipping hype.


Mandatory shots,spirit guides say this fall.


Canada to target younger population first.


More evidence US Congress is entertainment division of the Illuminati.


More evidence on 911 as a false flag.


Now this will be “offensive” but then again isn’t daily life?


Happy unbirthday Afmurikastan.  I won’t be attending the fireworks.  This year like so many others will be spiritual retreat/survival training/meditation in the woods.


  1. since I am new to the party …with the sincerest of curiosity, what is your apocalyptic ideology?

    I think it’s a toss up between Financial catastrophe and Peak Oil meltdown.

    False flag of 9/11? I brought that up to a close friend within a week of when it happened. W certainly wasn’t getting any of the agenda accomplished prior to that.

    And look – lo and behold- now Iraqi oil fields are being auctioned off. Mission accomplished?

    I see what we are leaving to the next generation –

    Water Collapse

    Food Collapse

    Climate Collapse

    Financial Collapse


    The current population is unsustainable. I personally don’t think we need internment camps to filter out undesirables. I think natural justice will take care of it – just as Darwin surmised.

    So what are your ideas?

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