Not good news.

Some words are just too hard to say.

by ImpeachKingBushII

Tue Jul 07, 2009 at 01:24:09 PM PDT


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    • TMC on July 7, 2009 at 23:36
  1. But doesn’t matter — how c ould anyone read that and not cry?  How could anyone not feel sad about someone “writing” his own epitaph whilst he is sitll alie.  Friggin’ heartbreaking!  

  2. Im taking the liberty to copy/paste here, a comment from there (in his own diary) from IKBII this evening… I felt like dharmamaniacs should see.

    cry to heaven, storm the castle”… (2+ / 0-)

    …”get bigger pitchforks, YELL LOUDER!” Fear not death or their angry words. Speak truth to power.

    A coward dies a thousand  deaths before he tastes the blade; a brave man or woman, only once!

    We are the not the descendents of slaves and conquerors who inherited this land of milk and honey, only to let them turn back the clock now-or to resurrect the dead bones of monarchy and tyranny. We will not go down without a fight!

    Markos wrote a post one year talking about the end of the Iraq war, that it first, “ends in our minds”.

    Therefore, every progressive goal is still possible & achievable as long as we still believe; as long as we visualize victory in our hearts and minds. Never let them win by default for our lack of will of trying: sticktuitiveness. Make them fight for every inch of high ground. Elect more an better Dem leaders who are true patriots, lover’s of freedom and liberty, true statesmen(and women)-first and foremost.

    Don’t let the corporatists snatch victory from our grasp or suck the life out of this great experiment in democracy. Soon I won’t be here, very soon. Who will step to the task, pick up our colors and march forward?! I trust and will go on to my reward knowing that the answer I see is staring us all in the face right here every day. Wipe away those tears! You all had the answers and the ways and means all along!

  3. was his comment to ek

    …of whom I have learned something new every time I opened one of your writings. I’m going to miss you terribly ek! When I was a newbie you showed me the ropes and when I thought no one else had my back, I turned around and there you stood! A true friend and mentor in so many ways. I only wish I was half the writer that you and many others here are. Peace friend.

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