Honduras: The Oligarchy Strikes Back

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A major confrontation approaches.  Or does it?  The New York Times breathlessly reports the drama in the air:

Honduras’ exiled president took off for home in a Venezuelan jet in a high-stakes attempt to return to power, even as the interim government told its military to turn away the plane.

Zelaya won wide international support after his ouster a week ago by the military, but the only prominent escort aboard his plane was the U.N. General Assembly president after Latin American leaders backed out, citing security concerns. Honduras’ civil aviation director said Zelaya’s plane was being redirected to El Salvador.

Several other planes carrying Latin American presidents, the secretary-general of the Organization of American States and journalists were leaving Washington separately, trailing Zelaya to see what happens in the skies over Honduras before deciding where to land.

Presumably, the Latin American presidents won’t land in Honduras if Zelaya’s plane is diverted to San Salvador.

And, of course, there’s a corresponding drama on the ground:

Thousands of protesters descended on the airport in the Honduran capital in anticipation of the showdown. Police helicopters hovered overhead. Commercial flights were canceled, and outside the airport about 200 soldiers with riot shields formed a line in front of the protesters.

”The government of President (Roberto) Micheletti has ordered the armed forces and the police not to allow the entrance of any plane bringing the former leader,” the foreign minister of the interim government, Enrique Ortez, told The Associated Press on Sunday.

So much for the golpista’s threat that Manual Zelaya, the deposed president, would be arrested if he set foot on Hondruan soil. Evidently, the golpistas have decided that they have a tight hold on the country, and they fear the consequences of attempting to arrest Zelaya on Honduran soil.  Their tactic is simple: the golpistas control the air force and the airport.  They will keep Zelaya from returning.  The demonstrators will see nothing.

Nonetheless, thousands of demonstrators are making their way to the airport:

Zelaya has urged loyalists to support his arrival in Honduras in a peaceful show of force.

”We are going to show up at the Honduras International Airport in Tegucigalpa … and on Sunday we will be in Tegucigalpa,” Zelaya said Saturday in the taped statement carried on the Web sites of the Telesur and Cubadebate media outlets. ”Practice what I have always preached, which is nonviolence.”

Zelaya supporters said they got the message as they converged on the airport.

”We have no pistols or arms, just our principles,” organizer Rafael Alegria said. ”We have the legitimate right to fight for the defense of democracy and to restore President Zelaya.”

And so, we wait.  And we watch. The odds, I think, are that Manual Zelaya’s plane will be turned away from Honduras, that the golpistas will continue to thumb their noses at the OAS, and that the question of appropriate sanctions, including the removal of ambassadors and the permanent cutting off of aid, will be the next topic of discussion.

The coup has to go.  Democracy has to be restored in Honduras.  I’m waiting to see exactly how committed the US and Canada are to those propositions.


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  1. Thanks for reading and for following this story as it breaks.

  2. I don’t know just what to think anymore!  It seems this is similar, in a way, to the situation in Iran, although opposite “goals.”  

    It seems “resisters” are not gaining, but losing these days.  And each country seems to have its set of “goons” with their anti-riot “costumes.”  

    The problem is our own lack of knowledge of the “secret workings” in the shadows — CIA?  Bilderbergs’ motivated?  What?  Is this all part of a “New World Order” when “coups” or whatever can be had with countries if they do not fit in with the “design?”  

    Yeh, a little paranoid on all of this — seems “thistle” crops up here, there, and continues to do so.  “Thistle” can take over the most well-bred of “gardens.”

    Thank you for keeping on top of this!

  3. But, no word as to whether he even met anyone from teh Admin (which means he didn’t)

    Obama himself has spoken out strongly against his Honduran counterpart’s ouster, saying: “We believe that the coup was not legal and that President Zelaya remains the president of Honduras.”

    The White House was unable to provide any initial comment on Zelaya’s intent to visit Washington.

    In Managua, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who has pitted himself as an Obama adversary and earlier said US fingerprints were all over the Honduran coup, urged Zelaya to meet with Obama, saying the US president’s attention to the matter could “deliver a major blow” to those who ousted Zelaya.

  4. but I did read something (somewhere) to the effect that the new regime in Honduras has quit the OAS…any updates, DavidSeth?

    Sorry I’m behind on this issue.  Just worked 40+ hours in 4 days & am so tired, I just want to crawl into a pootie diary and stay there, no brain cells for too much serious reading.

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