Is Dennis Ross up to his old tricks?

Joe Biden’s repeated comment that, essentially, Israel has the green light to do what it wishes vis a vis Iran; after all, the US does not tell sovereign states what to do! (Except the sovereign state of Iran — it’s okay for the US to tell Iran how to conduct its sovereign affairs.)

The “leaked” and denied report in Ha aretz that Saudi Arabia consented to Israel’s use ofSaudi airspace to target Iran; Israel denies Saudis gave IDF airspace clearance for Iran strike

WaPo giving ink & paper to the likes of John Bolton — they all stink of Dennis Ross.

In the aftermath of the first US war on Iraq, Pierre Salinger wrote of his knowledge of the behind-the-scenes machinations that actually pushed the war into being in a book titled “Secret Dossier;” according to Salinger, Dennis Ross was prominent on the team doing the pushing.

In an appearance on C-Span last Friday, July 3, Charles Duelfer validated Salinger’s thesis.

Richard Silverstein at Tikkun Olam agrees:

If Obama doesn’t backpedal on this then we’ll have to parse the meaning assuming his remarks were orchestrated internally. If so, this would mean that Obama is talking tough to Iran for two purposes-one internal and one external. Internally, he would be trying to steal thunder from the Republicans who are criticizing his Iran policy as consisting of all carrot and no stick. The conservative leadership of the Jewish community (including Aipac and the Israel lobby) would react very favorably to such an apparent change of heart.

Externally, Obama could be sending a signal to the Iranians that his patience is not infinite and that he is willing to sick the dogs on them if they remain intransigent about their nuclear program. This sounds to me like a Dennis Ross special. It has Aipac-Israel lobby spin written all over it.

Biden’s words, Bolton’s words, Obama’s equivocation, Mossad’s propaganda and psychological warfare against Iran all send cold shivers to my spine.  

I am among those who think friendly relations with Iran are crucial to the economic and moral survival of the United States; Israel fears such a rapprochement between US and Iran.

In the video below, Prof. Trita Parsi tutors the audience in the nature of the conflict between the US, Iran, and Israel.  The most poignant statement in the hour-long tour de force is Parsi’s quiet plea that Iranian Americans fear equally for Americans who may be dragged into an Israeli-forced war with Iran, and for their Iranian grandmothers in the land of their birth.

In the name of grandmothers and grandchildren everywhere, this madness has to stop.  Dennis Ross has not done anything to entitle him to a place at the table of American foreign policy; he has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners on his hands.  Obama should make foreign policy decisions that comport with American values and American interests.