Hasta la pasta, Governor Failin’

I’m sure this has been covered here at Docudharma, but this is just my take on it. Warning . . . pointed snark alert.

Governor Palin’s rambling, incoherent resignation speech was embarrassing for me to watch. As she invoked the troops, her family, the game of basketball, a refrigerator magnet, General MacArthur, and  – literally – “how much she loves her job”; I was left with the impression that Alaskans must not be getting enough oxygen up there, to elect this moron to any office at any point.

How is it that the people listening to her awful, embarrassing, nonsensical quote “speech” unquote – live and in-person – found the sense of decorum to applaud at the end? It was stunning, to me, to hear the clapping at the end. But not all did. I noticed that during the pan to the audience, one honest older gent just shoved his hands in his pockets and looked at the ground . . . a wisp of sanity behind the beaming Nordic faces on the lunatics, clapping politely.

More than ever, I actually felt a little sorry for Sarah. I mean here she is, on a national media platform, being once again exposed in all her radiant incompetence and outright lunacy, having another spat of verbal diarrhea live on CNN. I’ll give her this. She shot from the gut. Oh it was a big ol’ shootin’-from-the-gut kind o’ stupid, indeed. Governor Failin’s speech was gut-shot all over! Not being Sarah’s biggest fan, at first I thought it was funny, but the humor was lost after about 2 minutes, and the whole speech took on a sad, pathetic overtone; the wan sun casting a not-quite-bright-enough light on one of America’s dimmest political bulbs.

At one point, these words emerged together from the frothy melange a stupide: ” . . . . our resources should be our priorities with time and resources. . . ”

Yes, Sarah. Our resources should indeed be our priorities with time and resources.  You hit that one right on the money, baby.

Hard to say whether she’ll be back for a Presidential run in 2012 – the immediate rumor per Andrea Mitchell was that Governor Failin’ is out of politics for good, although her spokeswoman . . . who . . . really ought to be doing most of the heavy lifting for Good Sarah . . . said that the speech was “fightin’ words.” Not sure that’s exactly what I gathered from it but hey, let’s quibble.

As to why this sudden “not politics as usual” move? Well the Governor claimed it was a family decision. In fact her description of the vote – i.e. “four yeahs and one hell yeah” – reflected the best Sarah’s speech had to offer. To be fair, she also blamed the media – which was real unpredictable, lemme tell ya – gave some nonsense about not wanting to be a lame duck, and yadda yadda yadda. Personally, I think that two years into her first term as a small-state Governor, roughly 10 months into her semi-permanent stint as a national punchline, and about eleven months into the criminal investigation that may still bring down her image (if such a thing is indeed possible) it appears more and more that Sarah Palin just couldn’t take the heat of being national media figure . . . at least not at this go-round. She was, is, and will be forever be a HORRIBLE choice for Vice-President, the Presidency, the Governorship of Alaska, the Mayoralty of Wasilla, and any and all public office. Nope, Sarah Palin is a Certified Bimbo of the highest order, with all the ugly connotations the term entails. So on THAT score, I was happy to see her go.

The speech itself however, took me to a sad place that forces me to re-evaluate my previously esteemed opinions. Alaska, I sincerely think less of you for electing this lady to your highest office. What the fuck were you thinking you stupid, inbred rednecks? This is the highest office in your state, not the Timber Queen at the Pumpkin Festival.

Get it together.

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    • Edger on July 4, 2009 at 19:31

    someone with a lot more brains than this brain dead barbie doll, and someone who can be a real challenge to Obama’s hopes for re-election – so that he’ll smarten up and actually start doing something useful to get back enough support to win.

    If the GOP runs Palin Obama can win in 2012 even if his approval rating drops to 1% before the election. He won’t have to do anything for the next 3 years.

    Except maybe give the next two years US GDP to the bankers, too, so they’re covered when everything collapses.

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