Goldman Sachs: The Wheel of Fortune & Blood Funnel

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Here is the wheel of fortune of our times  

This map represents the connections and relationships of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Goldman Sachs International, Goldman Sachs Japan, Goldman Sachs Europe Limited, Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Strategies LLC, Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLC

Below I will post a link to the interactive version where you can click on each of the boxes with a + sign and get more information and see even further connections. I will also post a list of all these many connections. I posted a smaller version of this wheel last night in Badabing’s diary, Matt Taibbi Pulls the Rug Out on Goldman Sachs – AGAIN… and am flushing it out for you all by request. Consider this a reference. I hope others will add to it.

Here is what the wheel looks like when expanded:

And here it is in it’s noctural form, the “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money”. -Matt Taibbi

Here is the interactive version

or go here: Muckety

All you do is type in Goldman Sachs in the search field at the bottom, click go, and away you go!

MAP HINTS: Boxes with + signs can be expanded by doubleclicking. Solid lines are current relations. Dotted lines are former relations. For more options, right-click on a box or click on the map tools to the left. (Requires Flash)

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Bonus Videos:

John Stewart riffs on Goldman Sachs in our “Pyramid Economy”

Direct link

This in an interview on France Channel 24 with the somewhat eccentric shall we say, Max Keiser. It’s a hoot and there’s a lot of truth in the debate. Plus, who can resist a Frenchman who says, “Hanky Panky!”

Goldman Sachs are Scum

Part 2

And Here is the Long Long List of Connections to be found on the Wheel. Again, if you go to the interactive muckety map you can open a new wheel of relationships to each.

People related to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.:

Paul R. Aaron – partner

Sanggyun Ahn – partner

Philip S. Armstrong – partner

Dean C. Backer – managing director

Charles Baillie – partner

Stephanie Bell-Rose – managing director

Philip R. Berlinski – partner

Robert A. Berry – partner

Lloyd C. Blankfein – chairman & CEO

Oliver R. Bolitho – partner

Patrick T. Boyle – partner

Stephen Branton-Speak – partner

Anne F. Brennan – partner

Samuel S. Britton – partner

Kathleen Brown – senior adviser

John H. Bryan – director

Jason G. Cahilly – partner

Gerald J. Cardinale – managing director

Ashton B. Carter – consultant

R. Martin Chavez – partner

Martin Cher – partner

Abby Joseph Cohen – senior investment strategist

Gary D. Cohn – director, president & co-COO

Michael Cohrs – head of equity capital markets

Denis P. Coleman III – partner

Kevin P. Connors – partner

Robert M. Conway – senior adviser

Henry Cornell – managing director

E. Gerald Corrigan – managing director

James V. Covello – partner

Jeffrey R. Currie – partner

Claes Dahlback – director

Philip M. Darivoff – managing director

Alexander Dibelius – Germany unit chairman

Albert F. Dombrowski – partner

Thomas M. Dowling – partner

Walter W. Driver Jr. – chairman, southeast

L. Brooks Entwistle – partner

Stephan J. Feldgoise – partner

Laurie R. Ferber – managing director

Benjamin W. Ferguson – partner

Wolfgang Fink – partner

David B. Ford – senior director

Randy W. Frankel – managing director

Richard A. Friedman – managing director

Stephen Friedman – director

Timur F. Galen – partner

Sean J. Gallagher – partner

Gonzalo R. Garcia – partner

William W. George – director

Richard A. Gephardt – adviser

Paul E. Germain – partner

H. John Gilbertson Jr. – managing director

Gregg Gonsalves – partner

Paul Graves – partner

Bradley J. Gross – managing director

Rajat K. Gupta – director

E. Glenn Hadden – partner

Jonathan J. Hall – partner

Jan Hatzius – partner

David B. Heller – global head of equity trading

Bruce A. Heyman – partner

Martin Hintze – partner

Todd Hohman – partner

James P. Houghton – partner

Paul J. Huchro – partner

Hidehiro Imatsu – partner

Francis J. Ingrassia – investment banker

Ellen Jewett – investment banker

James A. Johnson – director

Andrew J. Jonas – partner

Chansoo Joung – managing director

Lois D. Juliber – director

Robert Steven Kaplan – senior director

Neel T. Kashkari – vice president

Robert J. Katz – senior director

Alan S. Kava – partner

Dimitrios Kavvathas – partner

Larry M. Kellerman – partner

Kevin W. Kennedy – managing director

Thomas J. Kenny – managing director

Steven Kerr – managing director

Hideki Kinuhata – partner

Michael E. Koester – partner

J. Christopher A. Kojima – partner

Michiel P. Lap – partner

Brian J. Lee – partner

David A. Lehman – partner

Deborah R. Leone – partner

John S. Lindfors – partner

H.C. Liu – partner

John V. Mallory – managing director

David M. Marcinek – partner

Eff W. Martin – advisory director

Blake W. Mather – partner

John J. McCabe – partner

Stephen J. McGuinness – managing director

John J. McGuire Jr. – partner

Audrey A. McNiff – managing director

Richard L. Menschel – senior director

Robert B. Menschel – senior director

Marc Mezvinsky – investment banker

Milton R. Millman III – partner

Christopher Milner – partner

Christina P. Minnis – partner

Lakshmi N. Mittal – director

Wayne L. Moore – managing director

Takashi Murata – partner

Jeffrey S. Nordhaus – managing principal

Timothy J. O’Neill – senior strategy officer

Donald C. Opatrny – advisory director

John T. O’Rourke – lobbyist

Willard J. Overlock Jr. – senior director

Todd G. Owens – partner

Craig W. Packer – partner

Michael Paese – director of government affairs

Gilberto Pozzi – partner

Lora J. Price – partner

Lorin P. Radtke – partner

Richard N. Ramsden – partner

Michael J. Richman – partner

Michael Rimland – partner

Luigi G. Rizzo – partner

John F.W. Rogers – partner

Scott A. Romanoff – partner

Julian Salisbury – partner

Muneer A. Satter – managing director

James J. Schiro – director

Paul D. Scialla – partner

Peter E. Scialla – partner

Peter A. Seccia – partner

Karen D. Seitz – managing director

Raj Sethi – VP

Rebecca M. Shaghalian – partner

Devesh P. Shah – partner

Heather K. Shemilt – partner

Magid N. Shenouda – partner

Faryar Shirzad – managing director, government affairs

Alan A. Shuch – advisory director

Suhail A. Sikhtian – partner

David M. Silfen – senior director

Ruth J. Simmons – director

Gavin Simms – partner

Victor R. Simone Jr. – managing director

Marshall Smith – partner

David M. Solomon – managing director

James H.M. Sprayregen – managing director

Esta Stecher – EVP & general counsel

Ben Stein – critic

John D. Storey – partner

Patrick M. Street – partner

Ram K. Sundaram – partner

Robert J. Sweeney – partner

Michael J. Swenson – partner

Gene T. Sykes – managing director

Nadia Titarchuk – trader

Jeffrey M. Tomasi – partner

David G. Torrible – partner

Frederick Towfigh – partner

Thomas E. Tuft – investment banker

Greg A. Tusar – partner

Ashok Varadhan – partner

David A. Viniar – CFO

Andrea A. Vittorelli – partner

John E. Waldron – managing director

Paul Walker – partner

Alasdair J. Warren – partner

John S. Weinberg – vice chairman

Elisha Wiesel – partner

Todd A. Williams – managing director

Dominic A. Wilson – partner

Kendrick R. Wilson III – managing partner

Steve Windsor – partner

Mark O. Winkelman – senior director

Martin Wiwen-Nilsson – partner

Denise A. Wyllie – partner

Han Song Zhu – partner

Other current Goldman Sachs Group Inc. relationships:

2008-2009 financial bailout – receiving federal investment

AIG Financial Products Corp. – trading partner

Angus & Nickerson – lobby firm

APX Inc. – investor

Baptista Group – lobby firm

Basis Technology – investor

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. – investor

Bingham McCutchen LLP – lobby firm

Capitol Tax Partners LLP – lobby firm

Clark & Weinstock, Inc. – lobby firm

DLA Piper – lobby firm

Duberstein Group, Inc. – lobby firm

Gephardt Group – lobby firm

Goldman Sachs Bank USA – opened

Goldman Sachs International – subsidiary

GS Capital Partners – private equity affiliate

Managed Funds Association – member

ML Strategies LLC – lobby firm

Moneygram International, Inc. – investor

Rich Feuer Group – lobby firm

RR&G LLC – lobby firm

Spear, Leeds & Kellogg – acquirer

Sullivan & Cromwell – lobby firm

Vinson & Elkins – lobby firm

Whitehall Street Real Estate Funds – real-estate investment arm

Williams and Jensen – lobby firm

Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network LLC – investor

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. past relationships:

Arthur G. Altschul – general partner

American International Group, Inc. – received payment through AIG federal bailout

Bernard W. Aronson – international adviser

Clifford S. Asness – managing director

Eugene D. Atkinson – limited partner

Claude M. Ballard – general partner

Peter K. Barker – partner

Geoffrey T. Boisi – general partner

Peter L. Briger Jr. – partner

E. John Browne – director

Mark J. Carney – managing director

H. Scott Caven Jr. – VP

Peter R. Coneway – general partner

Dan W. Cook III – senior director

Leon G. Cooperman – general partner

Jon S. Corzine – chairman & CEO

Kenneth S. Courtis – vice chairman

William C. Crowley – managing director

Suzanne Donohoe – partner

Mario Draghi – managing director

Connie K. Duckworth – advisory director

Lewis M. Eisenberg – partner

Michael D. Fascitelli – partner

Wade Fetzer – partner

Eugene V. Fife – partner

Lawton Wehle Fitt – partner

J. Christopher Flowers – head of the financial institutions group

Edward C. Forst – chief administrative officer

Randall M. Fort – director of global security

Henry H. Fowler – partner

Glenn R. Fuhrman – managing director

Fredric B. Garonzik – general partner

Gary G. Gensler – partner

John A. Golden – general partner

J. Markham Green – general partner

William R. Gruver – general partner

Thomas R. Hudson Jr. – VP

Robert J. Hurst – vice chairman

George Herbert Walker IV – partner

Reuben Jeffery III – managing partner

Suzanne Nora Johnson – vice chair

Ann F. Kaplan – managing partner

Robert Steven Kaplan – vice chairman

Carolyn Katz – managing director

Richard L. Kauffman – group chairman

James C. Kautz – partner

Stephen B. Kay – senior director

Steven B. Klinsky – co-founder of leverage buyout group

Peter S. Kraus – division co-COO

Edward S. Lampert – trader

Pierre F. Lapeyre Jr. – managing director

David M. Leuschen – partner & managing director

Adam Levinson – trader

Edward M. Liddy – director

Lawrence H. Linden – general partner

Michael R. Lynch – managing director

James S. Marcus – general partner

Eugene Mercy Jr. – limited partner

Robert E. Mnuchin – partner

Steven T. Mnuchin – EVP & CIO

Thomas K. Montag – co-head of global securities

Philip D. Murphy – senior director

Daniel M. Neidich – managing director

Duncan L. Niederauer – managing director

Michael E. Novogratz – partner

Daniel S. Och – trader

John J. Oros – general partner

Robert J. O’Shea – partner

Mark A. Patterson – VP

Henry M. Paulson Jr. – chairman & CEO

Stephen D. Quinn – general partner & managing director

Thomas L. Rhodes – general partner

Robert E. Rubin – co-chairman & co-senior partner

Kristian R. Salovaara – VP

Mikael Salovaara – partner

Richard A. Sapp – general partner

Mark Schwartz – president & CEO

Matthew P. Silverman – junior investment banker

Bradley E. Singer – investment banker

Steven Starker – managing director

Robert K. Steel – vice chairman

Stuart L. Sternberg – managing director

Chad C. Sweet – VP

John A. Thain – president & COO

John L. Thornton – president & COO

John L. Townsend III – general partner

Byron D. Trott – managing director

Hank Uberoi – partner

Roderick K. von Lipsey – VP

Thomas A. Wagner III – managing director

John L. Weinberg – senior partner

Peter A. Weinberg – head of European business

Sidney J. Weinberg – senior partner

John C. Whitehead – co-chairman & senior partner

Barrie A. Wigmore – partner

David Windreich – VP

Jon Winkelried – director

Jon Winkelried – president & co-COO

Roger Wittlin – group VP

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company – investor in Mars acquisition

Richard B. Worley – VP

Jaime E. Yordan – general partner

Jide J. Zeitlin – partner

Nathaniel M. Zilkha – VP

Robert B. Zoellick – vice chairman

Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLC past relationships:

Philip D. Murphy – president

Goldman Sachs Asset Management past relationships:

Gary D. Black – CIO, global equities

David W. Blood – CEO

Goldman Sachs Bank USA current relationships:

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. – opened

People related to Goldman Sachs Capital Partners:

Leo F. Mullin – senior adviser

Gregory L. Summe – senior adviser

People related to Goldman Sachs Europe Limited:

Klaus S. Luft – vice chairman

Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Strategies LLC current relationships:

Managed Funds Association – member

People related to Goldman Sachs International:

Segun Aganga – managing director

Jean-Luc Biamonti – managing director

Antonio Borges – vice chairman

Robert D. Hormats – vice chairman

Richard Powers – managing director

Peter Sutherland – chairman

Other current Goldman Sachs International relationships:

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. – subsidiary

Goldman Sachs International past relationships:

Eugene D. Atkinson – chairman

Joshua B. Bolten – executive director

Simon M. Robertson – managing director

Goldman Sachs Japan past relationships:

Jun Makihara – managing director

Here are the stock prices I grabbed a few minutes ago from Google Finance. I’d say that GS is way ahead of all its competitors at the moment. How wonderful for them! wink, you betcha!

GS  Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.  156.72

DB Deutsche Bank                67.86

STT State Street   47.97

JPM JPMorgan Chase 36.76

BK  The Bank of New York 29.35

MS Morgan Stanley 28.15

WFC Wells Fargo 25.06

UBS 12.23

BAC Bank of America 13.07

Citigroup 3.07  


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  1. We need to get a much bigger slingshot to take down this Frankenstein Goliath.

    Cross posted at Naranjastan, assistance there appreciated for more eyeballs.

    • Edger on July 17, 2009 at 19:24

    copy and paste the code here, CD. I tweaked it so it will work here…

  2. Just a reminder that Jon Corzine, former Goldman Sachs CEO, is now governor of New Jersey. Obama was on the stump yesterday with him, campaigning for his re-election. They way Obama was talking about holding Wall Street accountable almost made a listener believe he and Corzine were looking out for the little guy.

    Instead listening to the president, I’ve concluded that when it comes to regulating our financial industry and economics in general, Obama is in way over his head. So rather than finding ways to put Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs under our control, he’s under their control. Economically, Obama has been a disappointment to me.

    • Inky99 on July 17, 2009 at 19:51

    dismantled, whatever.

    It’s got to.

    Did you see Jon Stewart last night, on the situation with the bonuses?

    It’s pure theivery.  

    Why is Bernard Madoff is in jail, and not these guys?  What is the difference?  None.

  3. it to me.  It will be interesting to read a true backstory on how Obama actually got to where he is.  Me thinks it may be quite explosive.  

  4. More on Max:

    Keiser has appeared as a financial ‘talking-head’ on a number of news-networks. His appearances are remarkable for the often incendiary nature of his remarks. For example, Keiser called for a “fatwa” against Hank Paulson on Al Jazeera in response to the TARP fund. In a later-broadcast Keiser was seen ranting “Paulson Stinks”.

  5. I just found this article, released today that says

    Goldman Sachs’ bonus bonanza

       Banking bonuses returned with a vengeance this week as Goldman Sachs reported record profits in the second quarter. Despite the worst banking crisis since the Great Depression, the Wall Street bank managed quarterly earnings of $3.44bn – almost double its healthy returns for the first quarter – suggesting the bank has turned by the clock to its salad days of 2006.

       The firm has already set aside $11.3bn to hand out to its employees for their work over the last six months. The average pay per employee looks set to come in at around $1m this year, according to City AM.

    Lets repeat that shall we?

       The average pay per employee looks set to come in at around $1m this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A commenter over at dkos suggested that this list of people in the diary might just represent that nasty 1% that has screwed up this country. Can you imagine making a million bonus for 6 months of “work” while the rest of the country and most of the rest of the world goes down the toilet bowl or up in flames? I mean, if you weren’t a complete heartless amoral thief?

    This is so totally Marie Antoinette and Louis 14th, man. Put some 3 foot wigs on those assholes and bring on the knitting lady. Madame Defarge, I believe she is.  

  6. Great videos.  Thanks for putting them here.

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