For those who claim the media isn’t right-wing

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For those of you who claim that the media is anything other than owned by the right-wing and the corporatocracy, I give you this:

If they simply told the truth, had any kind of objectivity, the cover story would have been something like huge letters saying “WTF?”

Because, WTF indeed?

Instead, no, she’s a “renegade” taking the “road less travelled” and only the unique genius that is Sarah Palin can know for certain where that road is leading.

Pardon me while I vomit.


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  1. “Fair and Balanced”.

    It’s a cash flow thing.

  2. Ted was Newsweek.

  3. No story about how she quit in the middle of her first, scandal ridden term.

    No story about her one world religion 7 mountain Jesus was a money changer ties.

    No story about how she couldn’t even give her resignation speech without making it sound like a 3 grade book report

    Or how she’s used her kids as a prop and attacked anyone who said that.

    Fuck Sarah Failin and the Moose she rode in on.

    The one upside, if she runs, is the circular firing squad the GOP will form during the primaries.

    Otherwise, WTF?

  4. crashing the gates of Time Warner.  ‘Scuse me while I barf.

  5. She has the drunken dumbass anti change vote locked down.

    50 million climate change deniers are still wrong

    • Edger on July 20, 2009 at 00:01

    it will guarantee an Obama win, without him having to do one progressive thing for the rest of his first term.

    Palin is too much of an chucklehead and too unpredictable. Probably too stupid even to follow orders properly. I doubt even the oligarchy who chooses the President of the United States would actually want her as President.

  6. I can testify that smelting aluminum ingots from 30 packs of Budweiser beer cans is easily accomplished with a mattress inflation device attached to a 3 foot piece of copper pipe.  It was a campfire after all buring all day with only select hardwoods.

    In comparison the disposal of paper, shit paper like people magazine with it’s glossy glazed paper leaves such excess ash residue in the campfire that the only solution is to put the fire out to dispose of the useless ashes.

    I can not recommend removing oneself from corpo-propaganda media more highly.

  7. “How much shit will Americans eat?”

    How much does Palin weigh?

    How about the by-line on the top, “Our man in Kabul, the General who is remaking Afghanistan”

    Is that McClatchey their talking about? What is he, trying to take them back farther into the 7th Century?

  8. “road less travelled because she lives in Alaska! No traffic up there!

  9. …hers was the story that knocked the michael jackson coverage off the air–even though she did a friday afternoon news dump to make her announcement. (notice that, on this very cover, jackson is relegated to that little square at the top…)

    she is, without a doubt, the most imporatant person in at least 20% of america at this moment–and no other republican can say anything like that. remember when 2,000 would show up for a mcain rally, and 20,000 for a palin rally the same day?

    we all know she’s out of her mind–at least as far as policy goes–but at the same time, you have to acknowledge that more or less 20 million voters adore her…and if you’re time magazine, why wouldn’t you want to tap into that audience?

  10. Who looks better in their bellbottoms, Palin or Obama?

  11. …of the right wingness of current media starts at about 0:25…Cronkite’s first full half hour — the first full half hour regular news program anywhere.  Think about how Fox would cover George Wallace…he’d be a fucking freedom fighter for the white man, and the demonstrators would be ridiculed and demonized past bearing.

    It occured to me watching the first part of this– since I wasn’t born when this aired — that the carefully objective Cronkite of my youth covered a deep, very American liberalism.

    • Adam on July 20, 2009 at 03:28

    This could be the lie that’s too big for the media propaganda machine to pull off.

    This cover could be the lie that proves to regular folks that 9/11 was all a lie.

    • Mu on July 20, 2009 at 03:53
    • pico on July 20, 2009 at 08:24

    (which, given the state of journalism in this country, could be read as anything from glowing to ironic), it’s the cover story that’s so problematic: a hagiography of Sarah Palin that quite literally presents all of her decisions in a positive light with nearly no rebuttal.   That’s pretty irresponsible journalism, although Time has been known to do this a bit regardless of its focus.

    Outside of Palin, the people quoted in the article are:

    – Fred Barnes, of the Weekly Standard

    – Glenn Beck

    – “a source close to her”

    – John Coale, the lawyer who set up her legal defense PAC

    – Gregg Erickson, editor of the Alaska Budget Report

    – Meg Stapleton, “a Palin advisor”  

    – Robert Gibbs (a comment in a press conference, described as “scoffing”)

    – Mike Doogan, an Alaska Democrat upset that Palin wasn’t nice to him after having served him cupcakes (I’m not making that up)

    – Rush Limbaugh

    So that’s three Republican pundits, three personal allies, two Democratic politicos (dismissed), and one actual reporter.  

    That’s just fantastic.  There’s exactly one person on this list who might have some insight that’s not personally/politically invested (Erickson), and the only thing they talk to him about is her ability to counter mean personal attacks.  Unreal.  It’s tabloid disguised as political reportage.  

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