Death and Creation

We have seen a lot of death lately, Farrah, Michael, Karl Malden, Billy Mays, Steve McNair, Sarah Palin’s political career, John Ensign’s political career, Sanford’s political carer, the Republican Permanent Majority, The Republican Party’s Ideology, the Republican Party, the Iranian clerics hold on the People of Iran, Newspapers, death at Disneyworld… Heck, The Dead are even on tour/

The purpose of death, of course, is to make way for new life, for creation.

We are in a transition period between the death of an old world and the creation of a new one. The ‘signs’ of the death of the old world are all around.

But we have not really seen a shape, an indication, or even really a glimpse of the new world that will emerge from the chaos surrounding the death of the old one.

The new world will be, as it always is, created by the young people of the world as I touched on recently. Hopefully with the guidance of some GOOD old folks, to steer them through the mistakes that were made in the past. There is a sense of Revolution in the air, but it has not quite formed yet, to my eye.

I may be wrong, but so far I have not seen a rallying point or a real theme or direction to this new world, it feels like it is still forming. Have you?

On a lazy long weekend Sunday, what are your thoughts as to how this new world we are waiting upon to emerge will look?


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    • TMC on July 5, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    We are currently in the second stage of labor and it’s going to be painful but, hopefully worth it in the end.

  2. pretty soon the shits gonna hit the fan big time and the world order will be changed, no longer the US.  After the dust clears, Israel will sign a peace treaty with the antichrist who will be the world leader for seven peaceful years.   Then Armagaedon and all bets are off.

    Well, it is Sunday!  

  3. corporate imperialist state, there would be a need for commonality among the various factions.  Many on the left and right have been brainwashed by the propaganda machines and don’t seem to be able to see the forest thru the trees.  

    • Edger on July 5, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    Well, I hope it doesn’t look like me, or it’s going to be a pretty wrinkled and grey place that nods off a lot.

    But as soon as I can find my time machine it’ll look like 1970, maybe?

    Until them, I’m Helpless:

  4. Considering how many kids in this country are now homeless, and even when sheltered, are undereducated in even the basics, the future could be pretty darn bleak.

    If judging by my 9 year old nephew who is equally happy catching fish in the creek and killing people and monsters on videogames as violently as possible with wrath and incredible glee, I feel great trepidation. His could either be a generation of back to the land neo hippies or psycho killers extraordinaire.

    It depends how quick those icebergs melt, how much we old farts can do to stop the meltdown, to preserve quality of life.

    I know the youngins have plenty of creativity and imagination. It is up to us to leave them with the right tools and building blocks.  

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