World Refugee Day, 20 June 2009

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Remember on this day, We as a Nation are Directly Responsible for the plight of millions of recent refugee’s through our failed foreign policies of Wars/Occupations of Choice in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and now in Pakistan.

We have many, supporters of our occupations mostly, who rail against any illegal immigrants crossing our borders for the jobs companies will give them, while at the same time forcing millions to flee to their neighbors countries, leaving those countries to absorb and support them.

We Are Directly Responsible!

HM Queen Noor honors World Refugee Day

For 35 years, my home has been one of the world’s major conflict regions, home also to over 10 million refugees and displaced inhabitants. World Refugee Day is a time to honor and support these individuals and families who persevere through devastating tragedies………….

Angelina Jolie calls for greater understanding of the plight of refugees

WASHINGTON, DC, United States, June 18 (UNHCR) – At an event marking the launch of activities in the United States for World Refugee Day, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie appeared alongside UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres to call on the world to recognize millions of victims of conflict around the world not as a burden but as a potential gift…………


“The refugees I have met and spent time with have profoundly changed my life,” Jolie added. “Today . . . I want to thank them for letting me into their lives.”……….

World Refugee Day 20 June

World Refugee Day 2009

Right now, as war and violent conflict rage around the world, people just like you are running – for their lives, their families, their dignity and their freedom.  They often have to leave everything behind.  And they leave with nothing but their hope, courage and determination.  They are refugees.

On June 20, the International Rescue Committee joins the United Nations in its annual salute to the courage of refugees, World Refugee Day.

Take the World Refugee Day Quiz:………….

Jolie describes passionate mission to help refugees

Anderson Cooper talks with actress and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie about the world’s growing refugee problem. Transcript

Pakistan: Swat Valley Emergency

It’s estimated that some 2 million Pakistanis have fled their homes in the north-west. UNHCR has launched an emergency aid operation to help the displaced – most of whom escaped with little more than the clothes on their backs.

UNHCR Video’s

Once More

Remember on this day, We as a Nation are Directly Responsible for the plight of millions of recent refugee’s through our failed foreign policies of Wars/Occupations of Choice in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and now in Pakistan. Directly Responsible!

And we are slow to respond, as a government, to the plight of the millions more who languish as refugee’s, from their homes and countries, around the world!

In many cases giving support to the governments, or those trying to topple same, who create the extreme problem of, as we pay little heed!

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  1. conveniently ignore and minimize when considering the costs of the wars they plan, and then proceed to poorly execute.

    The misery of these displaced peoples have gone on for years, and new victims are added daily.  But there are people who are dedicating their lives to easing some of the suffering, and we can help in at least some small ways by supporting them.  Two outstanding agencies are:

    Oxfam International

    Oxfam International is a confederation of 13 like-minded organizations working together and with partners and allies around the world to bring about lasting change.

    We work directly with communities and we seek to influence the powerful to ensure that poor people can improve their lives and livelihoods and have a say in decisions that affect them. What they Do


    Doctors Without Borders, and here’s how you can Support their Work.

    Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international medical humanitarian organization created by doctors and journalists in France in 1971.

    Today, MSF provides aid in nearly 60 countries to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care, or natural disasters. MSF provides independent, impartial assistance to those most in need. MSF reserves the right to speak out to bring attention to neglected crises, to challenge inadequacies or abuse of the aid system, and to advocate for improved medical treatments and protocols.

    In 1999, MSF received the Nobel Peace Prize.

    There are, of course, many other Agencies where volunteers are dedicating their time to helping those in need, but these two I know have been well respected and effective  worldwide.

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