World Bank Bailout

Not bad enough bailing out Wall Street and keeping them in their corporate jets.  Let’s bailout those global criminals the IMF.…

And by attaching it to a war funding bill no less.

But tell me what else in life sucks?  My free COBRA health insurance ran out.  Well this is Massachusetts the land of mandated health insurance.  A couple of read between the lines directly from the application.

I understand that if I am aged 55 or older, after I die, MassHealth may be

able to get back money from my estate.

Sorry, kids, Daddy needed a triple bipass.

I understand that if I or any members of my family are in an accident,

or are injured in some other way, and get money from a third party

because of that accident or injury, we will need to use that money to repay

MassHealth for certain medical services provided, as explained in the

MassHealth Member Booklet. I also understand that I must tell MassHealth

in writing, within 10 days, if I file any insurance claim or lawsuit because

of an accident or injury to me or a family member applying for benefits.

Great now I got medical and legal expenses.  Pissa.

Ah, yes the state cares so much they mandate you buy health insurance.  Now what industry is THE last “growth” industry in the United States as it’s largest generation the baby boomers enters “retirement”(yah, good fucking luck).  Is it any wonder you can throw a rock from one CVS to the next?  Hey after all we have been told 24/7 to ask our doctors for……..

Oh and medical record privacy?


Can’t find any medicine men in the yellow pages.


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  1. Spent the day fishing with the grandson.  He got scared of the fish I thought we would never catch in the river.

    • Inky99 on June 4, 2009 at 08:37

    after they’s squashed us to the point where we’re all in complete poverty?

    Does the ruling class simply retire at that point and live on their cushion of dough?  Does their dough replicate itself somehow or do they simply have so much of it that it will take untold generations to actually plow through it all?

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