No one’s talking about prosecuting Cheney, any more. Lots of distractions, these days. I hope the congress hasn’t forgotten about how important that is, too. All the happy talk in the world isn’t going to make everyone who lives outside our borders forget that we’re now officially a nation that tortures. Prosecuting the master mind under existing law would go a long way toward ending that (accurate) perception.

Everybody’s more interested in “the feud” between Letterman and Palin, I guess. We wouldn’t want to let a late night comedian get away with anything when it’s the family of Todd Palin (a member of an Alaskan secessionist party) that’s the butt of the joke, would we? ESPECIALLY since he’s the husband of the hand-picked Council on National Policy candidate for Vice President last year.

Of course, congress is pretty busy trying to raise the price of tobacco, these days. We wouldn’t want them to waste time doing anything about, for example, people going bankrupt and losing their life savings on a daily basis for lack of health care, or getting us out of 2 wars in asia, or funding medicare and social security, or global climate change, or a crumbling economy, or …

Hey, when’t the next hearing on “steroids in baseball” going to be?

Just for shits and grins, let’s count extremist terrorist attacks that have occurred since those infamous Palin rallies:

Twenty three year old Richard Polawski decided to kill four Pittsburgh police officers and wound five others because it appears he was afraid “the Democrats” – at the behest of the Obama administration – were going to take his guns away. Dude not only lost his guns, he’s an idiot. The Democrats aren’t going to take away guns unless it’s politically popular. Last time they tried the got their asses handed to them.

Jim D. Adkisson’s attack on civilians in the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. Police found a letter in Adkisson’s car expressing his “hatred of the liberal movement.” In a letter found later he regretted that he couldn’t have shot his way through Bernard Goldberg’s “list”, instead.

An MD was shot in his own church by an “anti-abortion activist”. Let’s tell the truth. “Anti-abortion activist” is a polite, white, and uptight way to say “christian terrorist”.

A White supremacist kills a guard and gets capped in the head before he can kill any more. The de facto head of the GOP blames it on “the left”. I don’t know of any anti-semites on “the left”. I think there’s a grain of truth in this, though.

I’m betting I left one or two out, but even if I didn’t, that’s a LOT of anger coming out in the form of (mass) murder since the election in November.

Congress, meanwhile, does nothing to up that stakes in the face of rising domestic terrorism.

Zell Miller, who never claimed to be anything other than a Democrat, said “I didn’t leave the party, the party left me” in a speech to (you guessed it) the GOP nominating convention.

Arlen Specter, who started out a Democrat and ended up a Republican, only to switch back to the Democrats after serving for decades as (you guessed it) a Republican, said (you guessed it again, you little good guesser, you) “I didn’t leave the party, the party left me”.

I’ve been alive for half a century and I honestly can’t remember a time when the average American has been as fucked as we are now. The insurance companies will win the health care bill battle. They want every dollar in your pocket, your life savings AND your house, and they’re going to get it. Count on it. You read it here, first.

Never forget: “My goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years, to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.” Grover Norquist, chair of meetings held monthly and attended by the VP of the United States. (Bush was too busy talking to Ted Haggard, the closet crank and gay sex addict, to attend.)

“I didn’t leave either party. Both parties left me.”

We either fundamentally overhaul “the media and the electoral process”, by any and all means necessary, or we cede control of our country to those with the money. Congress isn’t going to volunteer to do it.

And we don’t have any.

“Shaq isn’t rich. The guy who writes Shaq’s checks is rich.” – Chris Rock.


    • Timbuk3 on June 13, 2009 at 04:56

    This congress sucks.

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