Second Grandson:Casualty of Health Care

Taught my first daughter well as she did the absolute right thing in spite of pressure from her doctor’s office.  We are after all suburbanites so the cesspool of “normal” urban living is at times most offensive.  My new quote.  I am an American and I’m pissed.

“Your America means nothing to me”

Kids are innocent and trend towards having confidence in those more educated and or in authority.  Such decisions however because they are young, naive perhaps can have very long lasting consequences.  My grandson is now three and my daughter has just returned with the ultrasound of her second child.  I was thrilled yet even this moment was tainted by her account of refusing an HIV blood test.

“They asked you to take an aids test?”

“Yeah, I got the form in the truck.”

“This I want to see, another Goddam research project, you did refuse, right.”

“Oh absolutely and she was pissed I said no, can you believe that….I screwed up her paperwork routine.”

“Paperwork, now!”

“Sorry, I must have left it at home, the only reason they ask because the test goes to the state.”

“Was it in legalese, where did it come from.”

“No, it’s just something the doctor’s office writes up.”

“Fuckwad, assholians, you know they are denying insurance and your digital records get passed to everybody just like your myspace page does right.”

“They were pissed I refused.”

“Good, ya know they probably did it anyway but you just stood up for your rights, wouldn’t know this if I wasn’t me.”

“You know what else they asked?”

“I almost don’t wanna know.”

“Guardasil, did we want Guardasil.”

“You are what six weeks, they said, we can talk about this at camp, right now let’s not spoil the moment.”

Ah, low and behold from that most Satanic year of “legislation” 2006 comes the evil source, the Fountainhead.…

The state laws…

Mandatory screening for their bioweapon.…

Baxter+contaminted flu shots?


Protecting the infrastructure of big pharma?…

Or how about you having your medical history in a system which needs constant “updates” because like Obama’s Blackberry it is “insecure”.

“INSECURE??????”  Eight years after, “in this post 911 world?” WTF?


Yet they make you sign a form indicating they lied to you.

From another normal person who offers testimony on his discoveries in life.…

There are thousands more, only available now before they use total spectrum dominance to wipe them out.



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  1. It’s karma

    The paranormal connections of the universe at work

    • halef on June 30, 2009 at 22:37

    Your implied comment that vaccines are not Unequivocally The Best Thing Ever To Happen To Man(TM) would have landed you on the flat-earther, holocaust-denier, global-warming-skeptic, ante-diluvian obscurantist Luddite slate.  

  2. of the search for non-existent jobs Publishers Clearing House showed up so I said what the hell.  Anyway the links scroll down trying to get me to buy stuff and then more links tell me I have won a free laptop or a 500 dollar gift card but only if I spend a half hour refusing stuff I have no money to buy anyway.

    Then came one about paid surveys.  Oh boy, are these people in trouble!  The deal is they want you to spread your ass all over the net leaving your credit card at each stop for “TRIAL” offers.  Such a thing has me pondering those 24/7 free credit commercials.  Or the Nigerian government owing me 3 million dollars.

    The trend here, an institutionalized trend is to herd sheeple down the chute into the slaughterhouse before they even think about it.  Be aware and don’t follow the herd.

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