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Special Initiative on Agent Orange/Dioxin


From 1961 to 1971, U.S. military forces sprayed more than 20 million gallons of Agent Orange and other herbicides on forests and crops in southern and central Vietnam. The campaign had both human and environmental consequences. The immediate effect was to defoliate and destroy vegetation over wide areas. The delayed impact came from dioxin, a highly toxic chemical in Agent Orange that is critically harmful to humans…………….

Above comes from an embedded link in an article found at Mother Jones Agent Orange: Treatment For Vets Still Lagging, Says Report

The Ford Foundation will release a report Tuesday calling for continued study of the environmental and health effects of Agent Orange, as well as for stepped-up diagnosis and treatment of US veterans exposed to it. Used as a defoliant in Vietnam to destroy vegetation used as food and cover for the Viet Cong, the dioixn--named for the orange stripe on its label–has been the subject of controversy ever since its first use in 1962. Over the ensuing ten years of hard combat, some 20 million gallons of Agent Orange and other toxic herbicides were sprayed over six million acres of Vietnamese jungle. (See the box below for a selection of Mother Jones’ earlier coverage of Agent Orange and the federal government’s history of inadequate response to veterans’ complaints.)………….the rest found here

With linkbacks to a couple of previous articles on our subject of ‘Agent Orange’ and the other Defoliants used than.

Back to the Ford Foundation site link at the top you’ll find the video above along with links to their strategy and those partnering with them, the members of the U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group, and finally the grant program totals so far and more.

I’ve done a few posts on Agent Orange and Defoliants from the occupation many many many of us served in, one just recently. All of them, in these last couple of years of renewed discussion by just a few, lead to this site Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign – VAORRC and were posted leading up to and following a Vietnamese delagation that traveled to the U.S. on their court case against the United States and the Chemical manufacturing companies, loosing again. But we did have abit of good news just recently, US Doubles Funds for Agent Orange Cleanup, it’s a drop in the bucket of what we owe to those who’ve suffered all these years since, as well as those of our brothers, many now gone from the results of their contamination and suffering!

Wars Don’t End, what is done, especially in these Wars of Choice that become more of testing grounds for the billions of dollars spent on extremely high priced weapons of mass destruction, is leaving behind for those that fight them and especially those that live in these occupied countries lifetime suffering, some of that carried into further generations!

We’ve now had, since Vietnam, Gulf War Syndrome still not resolved as those exposed are suffering from a variety of ailments, many having died already, and births of their children with physical problems!

There are many questions about our use of Depleted Uranium, nuking others, in our artillery and use in the vehicle armor. We have some soldiers returning that are now suffering ailments. some devastating and life threatening, from possible exposure to a whole host of chemicals and contaminants from the burn pits at bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These aren’t the only problems of aftermath of these occupation, there’s land mines, cluster bombs that didn’t explode, and a whole host of other dangers right along with the trauma that’s been caused!

Tens of thousands are killed, they don’t suffer the after! Do you think those that survive will forget, or how about the young and those newborn during that grew up these years, that’s all they know!

Wars Don’t End!!


  1. And in these times, they leave a legacy of fighting back for the failed policies by groups that take up the radicalism of Criminal Terror, some taking that avenue to make a destructive point about a particular ideology as well!

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