Government doesn’t provide services to rich people

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I’m morphing into a radicalized commie by the minute anymore.  The mentality of our public officials regarding their responsibilities to society shows a utterly staggering disregard for the lower classes.  The editor of the SF Bay Guardian, Tim Redmond, is equally incredulous at the world view of our ruling elites in the barking-mad basket case that is California:

The absolute most stunning statement of how messed up the state of California is emerged last week from the state director of finance, explaining why the proposed budget cuts fall so heavily on services for the poor. Let me quote directly from The New York Times:

“Government doesn’t provide services to rich people,” Mike Genest, the state’s finance director, said on a conference call with reporters on Friday. “It doesn’t even really provide services to the middle class.

“You have to cut where the money is,” he added.

Um … government doesn’t provide services to rich people? What about, say, the roads they drive on, and the airports they fly in and out of? What about the vast sums the state spends putting out fires that threaten wealthy enclaves in Southern California? What about the public education system, which trains workers for businesses? What about the entire criminal justice system, which exists to a significant extent to prevent poor people from taking rich people’s money?

Do you think Sergey Brin and Larry Page would have become Google billionaires if the Internet – developed and paid for by the government – didn’t exist?

(Emphasis supplied)

You see, any money allocated to the rich or middle class is non-discretionary: It’s obligatory; whereas money allocated to the poor is totally discretionary.  It’s not about maintaining society as a whole, but rather about maintaining the rich ones first (See Wall Street, where the rule of law has been utterly repealed).  

Remember the yacht tax debate concerning the tax exemption on yachts bought by multi-millionaires that the ruling class failed to repeal in an effort to save Gulyvornya’s budget?  AKA “The Sloop-hole?”  Yeah, right. While Gulyvornya is tanking, the filthy Dex Dexter lugals rolling in lucre needed that tax loophole on their luxury weekend watercraft, whereas 900,000 poor children can afford to lose their health insurance.

And where do California’s burgeoning biomedical industries get all their free research from?  The National Institutes of Health.  First, you get taxed by the Feds to fund NIH and the National Science Foundation to execute massive basic and applied biomedical research, the results of which the pharmaceuticals then use to make their lucre, and then the benefit to you is high fucking prescription costs on proprietary drugs and outrageously expensive medical products and procedures (due in part to outrageous health insurance premiums, if you still have your job, Cobra, etc.).  

The lugals then blow up the financial system out of sheer greed and everyone has a stress-induced heart attack.   Then you pay $160.00 per month (for your Plavix alone) just to make their bottom line.

Sweet system.  


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  1. Access to illegal banking in offshore places, benefits from never have to go to war or worry about their children going to war, the list could go on and on.  The wealthy benefit from this society exponentially, whereas the bottom 80% of so are simply swimming in place or counting to three.  

    • Edger on June 4, 2009 at 12:29 am

    the scarier it gets, doesn’t it?

    All the all peasants ever do is whine, smell, complain, consume, and make more peasants, so why worry about them? There’s lots more where they came from. They’re a renewable resource. And besides, they make great cannon fodder. :-/

  2. Who benefits the most from our massive military expenditures?

    Who benefited the most from the Wall Street bank bailouts?

    Who has the most to lose if the U.S. system collapses?

    Answer: The rich.

  3. rule with no effective opposition seem to have lost the one component that made them rich under capitalism in the first place. The ability of people to afford the shit their hocking or the desire to possess it. They are becoming increasingly like the famous French aristocracy who said let them eat cake. Cake is fun but it leaves you obese and stupid and broke.  Nowadays even those of us who want it can’t afford it. They vandals stole the handles and the pumps don’t work. or some such.

    I have no health care, other then my own which is worth twice of what is demanded or ‘offered’. A dealer came to my house to sell me a policy, a ticket to hell a gangster proposition disguised as my only options a living sentient human who wanted to stay alive. Fuck em. I made it this far resisting fears natural and cooked up and in between. I pointed out that other country’s have systems of universal health care that work. she said “Then why do Canadians come here for surgery?”

    She asked this an uninsured person who has to go to the ER for anything that requires killing or if I fall on a spike  get or in a car wreck, why rich Canadians who want surgery come here rather then deal with actual health care that addresses the real reasons we need it. Legs broken or car wrecks or infections or anything that we cannot deal with on our own including the ever present process of life they call disease. Rich Canadians or Americans do not need help. why do we pay taxes and why are we expected to support the rich both from our spending and our taxes.  

    Well anyway it came to me that my options are zero. I pay the vig or die. Not really as an old coot I have made it this far with out being rich. Who can afford it? Who wants it? and finally can’t we just let them go broke the world cannot afford them they are obsolete.        

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