Documenting Your Compliance

Got a lawyer?  Is he “on retainer”?

This episode of Lasthorseman’s Apocalyptic Times comes direct to you from a local registry of deeds.  The deeds registry used to be about who owned property.  That is so pre-911 mindset though and has been recently expanded to cover a host of New World Order doublespeak Orwellianisms.

Samples include “Suggestion of Death”,”Certificate of Compliance”, and my personal favorite “Vacation of Judgement”.

Bring up this page.…

There is start date entry

Followed by the end date entry

Then a selectable document type.

Peruse if you will the list of possible entries.  Some are clearly understandable yet taken as a whole assuring your personal compliance might mean consulting a lawyer about the ramifications of walking out your front door, if you still have a front door that is.

Does that gold braid around the American flag signify “Admiralty” Law?  Has the US been under martial law ever since the “Civil” War.


  1. was off by a number of years in his predictions.

    I was only off by a year.

    Last Summer before Armageddon Enjoy

  2. As a title searcher, that’s my livelihood you’re talking about there!  My personal fave, not on the Southern Essex list, is “Avoidance of Judicial Lien”.

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