Can We Quit Talking About Daily Kos?

Disclaimer: If you are not doing what the Dog is talking about in this essay, then it is not directed at you! So, please don’t take offense where the Dog did not offer it.

This has been said by the Admins but the Dog is going to make his own plea about this. For the love the Flying Spaghetti Monster could we just not rehash all the shit from Daily Kos?

The Dog knows there are a bunch of folks who were banned there or left because of banning or policies or because they did not like the tone. The thing is by bringing this up constantly you are not actually making this site any better.  

The Dog knows this is not everyone who is new here, but it is enough that you run into the essays and threads on a regular basis. At the risk of being a little insensitive to everyone’s trauma about leaving Kos many of the folks who can’t let it go sound like bitter ex-boyfriends or girlfriends.

The Dog posts at Kos for the same reasons most of us do or did, it is one of the biggest and most widely read blogs on the internet. By being there you have a much greater exposure for your ideas or analysis or activism. All of that is good and understandable. However if you felt you had to leave or you got banned then it is something that is either not likely to change or you don’t want it to change. In any case by bringing all of this here, you are not making it hard on Kos or his Admins, you are only making hard on the folks who like the low key environment at DD. We rarely have flame wars here, and that is part of what makes is special. If you are looking for sites that want to spend lots of time sticking it to Kos, Google that, you will find a place to fit right in.

This is not my website, the Dog is not an Admin, but this is a place and a community that the Dog loves and wants to see grow in positive ways. So, one peon poster to another, please take the fight with Kos somewhere else. There are at least two million more interesting topics we could discuss. Many on this site are trying to do important work on torture accountability, if you want to be angry there are plenty of things to be angry about that don’t degrade this site.

That’s it. Ya’ll don’t know me from Adam so you can take this or leave it, but the Dog is hoping you will take it in the spirit it is offered and use your essays here to inform or entertain or inspire.

The floor is yours.  


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  1. let it all out, but please can we make it the last time we have to go over this ground?  

    • Edger on June 1, 2009 at 01:09

    I need something to be pissed off about, something to really disgust me and make my blood boil over, and knowing that Bush and Cheney are walking around free after ordering the torturing of kids and the raping of helpless prisoners and the destruction of America just doesn’t do it for everyone the way finding something closer to home to be offended about does, you know?

    Got any suggestions?

  2. We could discuss that, but everybody jams up mentally. Daily Kos discussion are the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread of sociological discussions.

    And that’s as far as we got.

    • rb137 on June 1, 2009 at 01:20

    It’s also not useful — it doesn’t change anything — to rail about Daily Kos over here. But I think all that will ebb off on its own.

    I like the civility and openness to ideas over here.

    • Edger on June 1, 2009 at 01:32

  3. but really wanted to find a more laid back environment to really have full discussions and really get to know people and become an integral part of the ebb and flow.

    Having said that, I think I was complicit in what you’re talking about here and I assure you it was less about a specific portal in cyberspace (at least for me) than it was a discussion of rights v. privilege.

    If this offends the community here, it is/was the least of my intentions. What say ye as the community? Was your preference that I ignore an essay or since it was posted here engage it as an open dialogue?

    I offend? You decide. 😀

  4. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    How about just a little one liner jab every now and then?

  5. That’s my plea.

    For the love the Flying Spaghetti Monster . . . the Dog said this, the Dog said that, the Dog knows this, the Dog thinks that, etc, etc, etc, is annoying the hell out of me.

    You write excellent essays, you don’t need a gimmick like that.

  6. You’re right about this, of course.  Me and the rest of the pack are ready to move on, and we thank you for leaving this message for us.  You, Sr. my friend, are a top dog. Gracias and woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof.  

  7. Obama is trying to block release of the photos, but we all know what happened.

  8. when that gate is as time relevant as the fall of the Roman Empire.

  9. Can We Quit Talking About Daily Kos?

    The Dog is on line 3.

  10. I come over here sometimes to escape the meta and flame wars. There are other sites to bash on DKos. Take it there.

    If this place gets to be a “Daily Kos is teh fail” forum, I am gone. No GBCW. Just gone and no offense to the admins. I don’t want to see DD fail, but bringing the GOS meta here will do it.

    Some may say “no big loss.” Meh. Whatever. I’m a big blogger; I can deal.

  11. how about we talk about how a Republican troll got outed by one of my users and was taking his cues and info from condo, MBNYC (who found out my school e-mail first), and MajorFlaw to out me?

    What usually happens when a blog like FSZ finds out there’s been espionage by another blogs TU’s to disrupt it in an effort to get it to shut down?  A not-for-profit blog being sabotaged by members of a for-profit blog using a right-wing troll as a patsy?


    [end communique]

    • ANKOSS on June 1, 2009 at 04:33

    Are people going to be banned from Docudharma for discussing a forbidden topic? Isn’t this why we came here?

    An excellent argument can be made that the entire DKos venture was a successful deep capture and diversion of progressives that effectively blunted their ability to break the two-party monopoly. Is this a forbidden topic on Docudharma?

    If so, why so? How many degrees of separation from DKos must one attain before freedom of speech is achieved?

  12. Once a websight goes from open-tent to “small tent activism”, they have lost the public they thought to serve.

    there are over 300 million people in the U.S., so, don’t tell me how a mere fraction of that listens to you.

    The vast majority don’t… and for reason.

  13. and I see a site purporting to be a progressive and liberal site, THE site, and I don’t agree, then I will speak out.  Dkos is hurting much of the progressive movement, particularly the antiwar left, and it should remove its label as being such.  

  14. cuz its late and Im tired. I went out for the evening, although I did glance at this before I did. I come home and I see 44 NEW (of 50 total) comments. eyush.

    I guess I have dkos PTSD because I immediately thought: oh shit, what hellfire flame war has taken off NOW?!?!?

    Imagine my relief when I open the Essay and read mostly funny, witty, respectful, open exchange, discussion and conversation…? Okay, a bit of flare up here and there, but still.  Yes. We can haz disagreements, snark, back n forth, but I dont see the launching of major artillary here, and so for that I just want to say Thank You…. to this community.

    And… just keep to the code, mates.

    Be excellent to one another.


  15. Haven’t been around much lately & when I am, I’m usually ignoring the essays of which you write, in favor of those that interest me.  (Plus the overnight caption contest, if I’m too exhausted to read much.)

    But you’re absolutely correct: although many here came from links via Orange, as I did, what happens at Orange is irrelevant to this site.  I value dd, in and of itself, and when I’m here I don’t give a damn what’s going on at Orange.

    (BTW, I like Rusty, but I love your “doggish” persona…the literary conceit is fun, imho, and gives you a unique voice.)

  16. “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” – Rev. Martin Luther King looks to me to be a large and influential left gatekeeper, that is designed to control dissent.

    I commented earlier that “ seem to be controlled by the CIA”.

    The 2 most important issues in American politics today, in my opinion, are exposing the truth about the 9/11 false flag operation to a every larger public and ridding the country of the black box voting  machines that allow  elections to be easily stolen.

    These have been the 2 most forbidden topics at That fits the model of a gatekeeper site. You are allowed to let off steam, but not allowed to get to the root of what is going on.

    I like this site, the poetry, the music and the freedom. I am a radical in spiritual and worldly matters.

    I enjoy that which is uplifting. That said, if people decide to stage terror attacks and blame others, I am inclined to speak up.

    If a large web site, that looks like it is run by the CIA, works to suppress the truth about staged terror attacks, I am inclined to speak up.

    Back on the topic of dharma, I thought that this video was very interesting:

    Peace … in this world too.

  17. Okay, I’m on board with the “no-bashing” plea, but I hope you’re not advocating that DK never be mentioned here, because there are things that TPTB do over there that hurt the DK community and (IMO) hurt the progressive movement, and if those things are at least acknowledged here once in a while, and maybe even discussed, maybe this place won’t make the same mistakes.

    Just sayin’.

  18. Is there any other progressive site with policies

    banning users for mentioning e-voting machines and conspiracy theories regarding 9/11? Or is this an invidious comparison since most sites don’t let an average user post diaries? I know Buzzflash links to 9/11 CT without comment for or against. They present it and let the reader decide.

    • dkmich on June 2, 2009 at 13:54

    I haven’t been here much in the last couple of days, so I don’t know what recent events “the Dog” is referencing.   However, I do think the recent exile did cause dkos to appoint a warden, MB.  However, dkos is what dkos is and no amount of complaining will ever change it – or our government for that matter.  

    A real look at and comments on the success or failure of dkos as the consumate citizen activist venture is fair game.  The bigger question, however, is “what’s the point”. Complaining, well, we can all see how much the systems care about anyones’ complaints.

    Besides, this isn’t about dkos.  It is about us, and who we are.   I don’t want DD (us) to be PFFT, and I really like the fact that this place is mellow, caring, and excellent to one another.  DD is for grown ups, and I like that.  

  19. find that people may come out of disgust with dkos but once here will either like it here for reasons that have nothing to do with bashing kos or not. If they don’t like this great site for what it is, they will drift off, it they like it they will join in. For me if I feel like bashing and fighting the political bully boys and girls, I go to kos, and let my thoughts be known.

    As a representative of the democratic end of the Democratic party, it is good to not let the so called party loyalists, ‘moderates’ have the floor to themselves. The so called reality at dkos is created by the politics amongst themselves and is therefore in an Orwellian sense entertaining and besides it needs voices to oppose the petty inside views of the status quo. It’s a reflection of the larger problems that hold the country hostage to the fictions of current politics. So if one is in the mood to try to move the center, a futile exercise, get in a snit, or to just watch the coalitions eat each other then have at it there.

    I like this site as it makes me think, not just react to  knee jerk stances, to other Democrats. We have a lot to offer, and you don’t have to comb through the car wrecks of nastiness to find a kindred soul. I think the kos bashing will wear off as it is boring after a while, it’s like battle fatigue, your still stuck in the mode.  Here you can find ample stories and community to explore and channel the energy. The back roads are the front page.      


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