Breaking: SC Republican calls Michelle Obama’s ancestors “Apes”

Ok.  I WAS going to write on the Penguins hockey win.  Congrats Penguins!

But, we now get breaking news that in South Carolina, a former Republican official made a comment on Facebook calling Michelle Obama’s ancestors “Apes” after a gorilla escaped from the Columbia Zoo.

To the credit of the Columbia, South Carolina, Mayor he is calling for an IMMEDIATE apology.  The Republican (didn’t catch his name as the news did a 15 second blurb) stated, wrongly, that he was “only echoing the First Ladies own words”, claiming that the First Lady has made jokes to the same affect.  

Yes, racism is alive in South Carolina, sadly.

The comment came after a gorilla from the Columbia Zoo escaped.  I am paraphrasing:

“Don’t worry, it’s probably just one of Michelle’s ancestors… probably harmless”

The local television station confirmed, from the person who posted the comment, that he did, indeed, mean the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

This is the norm in South Carolina, unfortunately.  The state should change it’s slogan to, “A Racist’s Paradise”.  Of course, that also includes homophobes, white supremist’s, and KKK supporters.

I will update this as the news hits online, and, I will also update this with The State newspapers reaction, if there is one.

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