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I’d like to extend a genuine welcome to people who are joining the site out of a desire to find a spot that is a little port of orange.  When I joined dK it was to find a place where I could express myself without the fear that I might expose myself as a (shudder) Democrat.

And have no doubt about it, I am a yellow dog Democrat who stopped voting Republican even for dog catcher many years ago.

Equally I am interested in Democratic electoral victory since I understand that only with overwhelming majorities will our supposed Representatives overcome their craven, cowardly instincts and occasionally be persuaded to do the right thing.  Indeed I think the emergence of a Democratic Democratic Party can only occur after the Republican Party, the party of thieves, murderers, despots, and liars, is as dead as the Whigs so our Representatives can no longer threaten us like gangsters to choose the lesser of two evils.

Nice little country you’ve got here, shame if anything happened to it.  Vote for me.

I understand the mission of dK and agree with it, but I don’t agree with them on all things.  To choose a trivial but early example, I think the 0ne Diary A Day policy is stultifying and unnecessary and I have expressed that sentiment on numerous occasions.

When buhdy provided me the opportunity to be a Contributing Editor and later Admin here I was grateful for the opportunity to help shape a system that addressed some of the flaws I perceived.

Which is not to say that there aren’t rules and procedures.

There is no faster and more responsive blog on teh tubz than dK.  I’d argue that Greenwald all by himself is more influential, and if you combine him with Jane Hamsher and emptywheel, Josh Marshall and OpenLeft

Even Arianna’s place, which I regard the vapid meanderings of D-List celebrity bloggers (not that it prevents me from having an account) can drive a little bit more message punch.  I’d advocate an Oxdown Gazette one since I’ve seen people who post here get promoted there, except I think their infrastructure sucks.

Without at least nested comments it’s very hard to have an interactive blog at all.


If you want to talk about influential bloggers you have to include pacified.  His little bloggy empire is based on his Java emulation of the open sourced scoop with some back engineered dK tweaks like the radio buttons which don’t let you take back Ponies so think before you rate.

He runs about half of all the lefty liberal blogs I know including OpenLeft (Chris Bowers thinks he’s too important to fail) and ourselves as well as My Left Wing and Free Speech Zone.  He also hosts a lot of the State Blogs like The Albany Project and Square State.

The beauty part is that you get things like nested comments which means you know who is talking to you instead of seeing cryptic messages like In response to XYZ @ #.  This is the interface you get at Firedog Lake and while the content is excellent, it’s hard to follow.  Don’t even talk to me about Halo comments, the only reason I chat at digby is that I know that she and each of her guest bloggers (I particularly admire d day and tristero) will read my comment because there are not that many of them.

Faster and more responsive

Though we have Ajax comments which allow you to use context based reply editing as opposed to scoop legacy editing (do you really want to know?  I can certainly explain it.), we don’t do a timed refresh so what you see is static until you manually refresh your browser page or enter a new comment.

On the good news front you return to the comment you reply to.  On the bad news side you open the whole essay (did I mention we call them essays here?) and reset your new comment markers (the way to cheat out of that at dK is to open a diary using View Story from a comment or rating display.  So sorry here.).

Your ratings take effect immediately and I’ll repeat that once you have rated you can’t unrate back to none.  One feature we have that is not duplicated is Your Page/Comments/Recent Replies.  Much better than Hotlist (if you are not logged in on dK this link probably won’t work).


We have way less than 10,000 members and certainly don’t approach dK 4k+ a day activity.  If you publish here we expect a tip jar for credibility, but you can’t be disappointed if it’s empty.

Instead what we offer is freedom and creativity.  We are HTML friendly, your pony pics <center></center>.  We accept fiction, poetry, and videos.

That said I reserve the right to crush your ‘Artistic Vision’.

Group Blogging

This is a group blog with a focus on promotion.  We have 12 to 14 spots a day on our Front Page.  Promotion is a mixed blessing, you can last longer on the Essay side by far, but that does not protect you from our attention.  Every essay is considered for promotion.

If I decide to promote you I’ll ruthlessly edit your submission until I think it’s attractive enough to represent the site.  I also fix broken pages to the limit of my ability and do so without warning or apology.  Other people you can ask for HTML Help are Robyn and On The Bus.  They can also delete duplicate comments though we usually let them stand, helps pacified debug.

Other active people with Admin ability are Nightprowlkitty, NLinStPaul, mishima, Turkana, and kestrel9000.

Generally it’s buhdy and I who promote, though our Contributing EditorsEdger, exmearden, LithiumCola, Magnifico, occams hatchet, pico, srkp23, undercovercalico, Unitary Moonbat, and Zwoof can do so too.

We also have Guest Bloggersclammyc, ctrenta, GreyHawk, News Corpse, Patriot Daily, stormchaser, thereisnospoon, TocqueDeville, Valtin, and winter rabbit.  They can post directly to the Front Page though they usually don’t.

When they contribute they mostly post on the right just like regular users.


You will almost certainly last longer on our Recommended List which is 50% larger than dK’s (12 vs. 8) than you will on our Front Page which is limited to 15 Stories (about a day).  Because promoted essays are removed from the recent list you can linger a long time if you are ignored.  Try not to take it personally.

I promote about 5 essays a day and buhdy promotes about 5.  The remaining 4 spots are taken up by regular features.

If this sounds a little top down, most of the people I mentioned in Group Blogging have the ability to contribute their input to the daily schedule.


Civility and it’s Reprint.

I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think about me.

To summarize Proust, there are two levels of moderation, one based on ratings and the other on consensus of the editors with buhdy as the final arbiter.

Hides work just the way they do at dK.  Ponies are the equivalent of Recommends.  Our additional rating, Wrong!, is meant to express the opinion “Your comment makes me question your motives and/or intelligence.”  

And that’s it.  You can hide things.  You can blacken and tarnish people’s reputation, making it that much more difficult for them to achieve or maintain Trusted Usership.

There is no autoban here.  Disruptive behavior is flagged by ratings or editors.  It’s reviewed by editors in a private forum and buhdy is given advice about how to handle the problem.

During this period your posting privileges will likely be temporarily suspended.  If you have posted offensive content it will probably be hidden.

It is not supposed to be permanently removed (though it can be) and abuse of that power has caused some Admins to lose their status.

Disruptive behavior does not include disagreement, you can’t use civility as a club.  Ratings abuse is merely laughable boorishness which really says more about you.

And did I mention that you can’t unrate?

The cardinal sins are outing, I/P, and kos bashing.

Outing is exposing someone’s personal information.  We discourage stalking too, but it’s a little more difficult than on dK so you don’t see as much of it.

I/P is discussions of the Israel / Palestine problem.  If you have a thoughtful piece you can submit it for pre-publication review to buhdy who is much more patient and understanding than I am.  Most discussions rapidly escalate to the level of disruptive behavior.

kos bashing is not all that difficult to define.  If you have a criticism of the content or the culture or indeed the public posting behavior of a particular individual, these are sentiments that are frequently the subject of conversation on the Great Orange Satan and are acceptable for discussion here as well.

If on the other hand you have a personal grudge that you are working out and want to post slander or proprietary information and pick fights you’re not going to find much traction.

When you have a problem buhdy will mostly try and negotiate it with you via email.

Random stuff

You can post up to 3 essays a day.  Please don’t spam.

Ctrl-+ will increase the font size.  Use Ctrl-0 to return to normal.

The Big Windup

There are other places you can be on teh tubz and we’re happy and grateful you’ve chosen to spend some time with us.  Hopefully you’ll find our content informative and entertaining.


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  1. Well, it will do to go on with.

    • Alma on May 23, 2009 at 06:16

    the recent comments list.  Makes it easy not to miss anything.

    • Edger on May 23, 2009 at 06:17

    On additional thing I’d like to point out is that under DharmaDocs in the sidebar there is an HTML Help link to a page put together by On The Bus and myself, for anyone who needs a quick reference on things like basic general html text formatting, making hyperlinks, posting and aligning pictures and ‘wrapping’ text around them, and posting videos – all of it works in both essays and comments.

    Handy for laying out essays and dressing them up for impact. And most everyone here is very helpful and approachable with questions on this kind of stuff, too.

  2. I came here to avoid you. Just you. I came to know you as Teh Great Orange Satan. I felt it in the cooking diaries most of all with your omnivorous appetites, but the n00b questions, oh, you just killed me on those.

    Naw, really like seeing a familiar face in a new environ. I am sooo cold; so scared.

    I already have many questions (yes, I’m that kid at the back of the class torturing the teacher at the front of it).

    1. Why doesn’t the “Others Who Recommended This Like…” link work for me? I confess now … I am a stalker. I work from the premise that people who give me ponies (note the rapid assimilation of my new culture) in a particular diary may be on a similar track as me. So, I check out where they’ve been and where they’re going and read the essays in which they lurk. So, I come here and find this macro-level button that releases me from my stalkerishishness, only to learn it doesn’t work. Whaddup?

    2. I want to openly apologize to deadatom for a prior “Wrong” vote in his/her tip jar. Why doesn’t the site inform a person of their stupidity upon exercising it? I just like being told I’m about to be stupid before I actually am.

    3. Just realized that Recent Comments show up at the bottom of the screen. I really like that.

    4. Hey, what’s with the promise of a pony at the end of one’s comments? I’ve not seen one since I’ve been here. I did, however, get unicorns upon request. Why no pony? They are much more common and available. Give me my pony.

    5. Can you admins change my screenname from all lower case to caps and lower case? If not, how come Armando got to delete his comments and this can’t be done? I want to whine and you’ve not provided cheese (which unicorns seem to favor).

    I thank you in advance for your answers to my weird requests. Don’t ignore one aspect of this or I will have a purity meltdown.

    Yeah, whatevs. MKSinSA.

  3. That said I reserve the right to crush your ‘Artistic Vision’.

    • TMC on May 23, 2009 at 08:47

    I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think about me.

    As per usual, you answered some questions I was going to ask about the commenting in the different sites like Soapblox & Scoop. And the Ctrl-+ saves me having to hunt for my glasses which never seem to be where I put them last. Damn cat. I always loved your “geekieness” and your ability to make it understandable for us “mortals”.

     And I really appreciate any help I can get with HTML, thank you, Edgar & On The Bus.

     I haven’t had a lot of time to post here since I’ve been back in “civilization”. I have more “free” time now I’m back at my “normal” job, in spite of H1N1. So I’ll be lurking more

  4. I’m still acclimating to the navigation.

    I like the weekly/daily standard postings.

    So far, the site feels warm and cozy.

  5. What’s your opinion of the many fine blogs that are part of the Read My Lipstick Network?  They’re doin’ some fine work there on the ol’ internet.

    Also what’s the story with the tiger at the bottom of the page?  Have ya considered replacin’ it with a caribou?  Thanks in advance.

  6. If you are the admin of The Universe, The keeper of the sacred golden html tablets, or have actually spoken to Lord Jeebus, the angel Moroni and Don King, if you crush my vision I am kicking your ass. You got that?


    That said I reserve the right to crush your ‘Artistic Vision’.

  7. For anyone else, when you use the down-arrow button to scroll on the page, does it move your “pony” recommends to “wrong”?

    I hope I haven’t inadvertently pissed anyone off.

  8. about what I think of you, I will always be in the ek fan club. Don’t worry, my husband knows I have a crush on you and finds it entertaining.

    I tried to fire myself as a CE maybe I will have to consider acting like one again….. Hmmmm.

    Guess what? Apparently it isn’t much  to listen to me complain how much I $%^&*()& my computer so since the UCC birthday is coming up so a refurbished Apple computer will be arriving. I have changed teams.  

    • Joy B. on May 23, 2009 at 17:09

    I can recommend essays no problem, but my ponies won’t register. Was told that’s a java issue, I checked everything, did all the restart, log-out and in, empty history and cache, etc., etc. Sometimes my java works fine (at some sites), here it apparently doesn’t. How come rec works and ponies don’t, is there something else I should try?

  9. “tubz” (I was blogging in DOS, before “blogging” was invented), I always find it interesting to see how the various sites set themselves up for public commiseration.

    I think BD, you, and the rest of the editors do a fine job here, and it feels quite comfortable. This is my new “home” on the “tubz”, and I hope to make contributions some will enjoy, and will work to engender the feeling of community here in doing so.

    As far as I/P goes, I really never liked discussing it anyway. The only reason I ever did, was to to expose the hypocrisy of those calling themselves “progressives”, but who then would turn around and advocate for policies, organizations, and countries, that certainly were not progressive. Anyway, I plan to avoid I/P like the plague it is….

    With regards to “Big Orange” bashing, agree here also. I spent many fairly happy years there, and was a solid supporter. And while it saddens me to see certain events taking place there these days (per my diary of the other day here), I really don’t think any purpose will be served by continual “bashing” of the place. DD can and will stand on its own quite nicely, without the need to tear down anyone else.

    Anyway, I am so damned happy to be here, and thank the entire crew here for making this such a “ponyriffic” place to be.

    All the best,


  10. how do I change my password to something memorable?

  11. Any chance you might do Stars on occasion again?

    I know you have a million other projects. I just enjoyed it.

    Oh since we have new folks…. Anybody who accidentally ends up in Memphis… I will take y’all out for some great BBQ.

    Even you, ek. Even you, boss. But fair warning, I am not cute in person. Kinda cranky middle aged chick looking. And I always have dog or cat hair somewhere on my person.

    • jamess on May 23, 2009 at 19:28

    you’ve answered most of my questions,

    since getting my account about a week ago.


    and thanks for all the behind the scenes work,

    to keep things running smoothly.

    sounds like a cutting-edge Ship of Exploration

    you guys got going here

  12. Just how the heck do you pronounce buhdy?

    Been reading this since the dayz at the giant orange vortex … got no idea how to sound it out.

    Anybody? Anybody? Bueler?

  13. in your diary ek but I have just come from that little port of orange where they have now started to stick SEIU ads at the bottom of all health-care related diaries without the consent, or even the knowledge, of the diarist.

    Is there anyone but me left in this world who doesn’t enjoy corporate intrusion into every last nook and cranny on the whole damn planet?  Anyone?

    Again I am sorry to vent.  But for Pete’s sake!

    • TomP on May 24, 2009 at 06:32

    This should be useful to many.  

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