Prop. 8 upheld by California Supreme Court: The justices uphold the same-sex marriage ban but also rule that the 18,000 gay couples who wed before the November vote will stay married. The decision is sure to spark another ballot box fight.


Oh, well, I guess it was expected.  Go see for some action.


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  1. help?

  2. I’m not in CA but I feel for them over on the west.  Equality for all is needed federally.

  3. after all the CA SC was asked to rule on the method of the amendment, and all good arguments aside, the method they followed was the same as every other change to the California constitution in the last 100 years.

    This is not the end though, it is the start. The forces of intolerance are going to be massively pissed that 18,000 of their fellow citizens who wanted to marry someone of the same sex are still married. This is going to make them over reach, they will try to invalidate those marriages and that is going to run them aground of the US Constitutions Prohibition of ex post facto laws.

    It might even be enough to get the US Supreme Court involved and if that happens then there could be a blanket finding that to give rights to some and not to others on an arbitrary test like sexual orientation is unconstitutional all together.

    Still it is not a great day, there can be no doubt.  

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