One Compartmentalization Over The Line, Sweet Jesus

My my, I haven’t seen some of THOSE compartmentalization terms in a while.

What we have here is the cover page of a SecDef high level intelligence briefing

as brought to us by Donald Rumsfeld & Co.

So, if a document is classified NOFORN (No Foreign Nationals),

does that mean that Jesus shouldn’t be reading it? ;-7

G.Q. has the original story (with 10 more pictures), hat tip to Newsday. Note that Christian fundamentalists have made a point of smurfing the (easily hacked) associated poll, but if you really look at the results they’re still outnumbered. Note also that while Newsday had the courage to carry this story, there’s not a whisper of a mention in the NY Times.

The public savaging of Rumsfeld is extremely welcome. He deserves to go down for war crimes and other crimes (there’s a reason I call him “Mr. Aspartame”) but if he’s going to serve as the whipping boy meant to distract us from also bringing Gonzales, Rice, Rove, Cheney and Bush to justice,

THAT shit AIN’T gonna fly.

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  1. Appropriate soundtrack.

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