My Insomnia Essay

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that didn’t get written because I decided to try to sleep instead, and I did.

Sleep that is. Last night.

But it was fucking brilliant, I want you to know, brilliant, I tell you.

The title was leaning strongly towards:

“When the Tiger is Laying Down… Dont Say S/He Is Sleeping” which is my favorite Cambodian proverb. Well,the only one I know actually. And Im not sure if the tiger is she or a he.

baby tiger sleeping Pictures, Images and Photos

It had something to do with a build up of things over the past week, and then, that one article by John Dean… Oh, and Cheney of course, why is he all over the place and his little blonde evil daughter too. Daring us to indict him.

And Elizabeth de la Vega too…. telling us not to rush it. Let them line up all their ducks in a neat and tidy row.

Man, it was truly inspired, I swear.

News tidbit, I think it was Friday… Holder, DoJ, just barely ramping up hiring all new attorneys. What? They haven’t done that yet?

Bushco left a very thick gooey slimey trail behind them when they “left”, that  is slimed in every corner, every nook and cranny of every department, cabinet, hallway, and cranny.

But the Supreme Court. That’s it. Thats the ticket. Because I have few doubts that this whole mess will eventually land there. I hope they’re ready.

The bottom line was, watch how the tiger stalks then strikes. iow don’t lose faith.

I slept pretty good on those thoughts, and now poof. Oh well. Forgive me?  Let this be an Open Thread…? 🙂


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  1. for showtime.

    TIGER SNARL Pictures, Images and Photos

  2. I am a freaking genius in my own head.

    But I like your tiger proverb. On the one hand the tiger is pretty and I want to snuggle up to him. On the other hand I will be lunch.

    Ah the call for patience…..

  3. The 13 People Who Made Torture Possible

    I missed that. Cant find it on Salon.

    Guess I need to learn how to subscribe or get a feed or certain bloggers…

    • Alma on May 19, 2009 at 02:01

    all those brilliant essays thought of during driving and bathing that don’t get written, in fact it seems like it happens at anyplace and everyplace thats not the computer.

    That tiger sure looks comfy.  🙂

  4. thanks for the lift, buhdy, but… shucks.

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