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This morning I’m going to feature the essays of TP_Alexander.  He’s working on a book and publishes the chapters periodically.

Like Something The Dog Said is starting up.

I want to make it clear that these are the exact kind of projects that I like to see expressed on DocuDharma.  They are the kind of thing that is easily overlooked at a faster paced blog.  We allow three posts a day so you do not feel constrained to highlight only your best work, it can be as silly or profound as you wish.

Sometimes you can feel ignored because of the lack of comments, but if you examine influential blogs like tbogg or attackerman (I recommend subscriptions at Firedog Lake’s Oxdown Gazette and OpenLeft so you can crosspost appropriate content) or Booman Tribune and My Left Wing) you’ll see that is not atypical for creative content.

I tend to highlight the political, but I recognize the artistic.

Diaries in Chronological Order of TP_Alexander

(except for the two most recent installments which I will promote for your attention)


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  1. So this is Sunday Morning.

  2. Are there two books in progress – Utopia and Dystopia – or just the one. And, would a communal tag of something such as Salon or Writers Guild perhaps help folks identify the works of such fledgling authors if they’re interested in providing feedback?

  3. Not that I have anything to add for myself but I have friends who would love the chance to post something.

  4. good jeezuz.

    Either Im a complete dork or DD needs to highlight this better, as you are doing, ek, I salute you.

    I am also, as Ive said before, horribly lazy and impatient. I could swear I have glanced through that “SERIES” button before (pointed out above by Ria I think) …  but I totally missed Iglesia. D’oh.

    • marc5 on May 31, 2009 at 17:59

    for “Dystopia2” and “Utopia 1” appear to be scrambled/aliased (D2 points to D1 and U1 points to U2)

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