Liberal/Conservative Disconnect: Evolution & Free Markets

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There is a major disconnect between liberals and conservatives.

Liberals believe (mostly) in the science of evolution, but reject unrestrained capitalism.

Conservatives tend to exalt unrestrained capitalism, but reject evolution.

These are core philosophical antagonisms; and, of course, they are inconsistent with one another.  In both cases, unrestrained competition is viewed as good/bad.  

Why is Natural Selection lauded, but capitalism rejected, and vice versa, by the respective sides?

I have some thoughts, but will hold off on expressing them for now.

Have at it.


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  1. rock on, docudharmiacs.

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    And wtf happened to my belly fur?  Where’z ma dignity?

  5. no longer fit. Conservatism and Libertarianism have come to be synonymous with the Republican Party and Progressivism and Liberalism with Democratic Party. I suppose this was based on partisan reality and convenience but it sort of messed up the various schools of thought. I finally just recognized I’m a political mosaic mess and simplified it all by calling myself Independent.

    Much of the problem for me comes in trying to boil one’s allegiance to a one-word phrase, when there are so many variations and combinations of political thought. I’ve identified shades of Libertarian, Green, Progressive, Liberal, etc. in myself and am hard-pressed to favor one over the other. I think when people force themselves to force themselves into one camp or the other it leads to what we sounds like hypocrisy.

    So, since this country has managed to pretty much divide its politics into just two primary political bodies, I’m happy to just pick and choose on individual basis – which occasionally takes me into the shadow world of third party politics.

    Just some thoughts. Hope it helps.

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    Yeah, but it’s not a philosophy or a principle. It’s blind obedience to authorities designated by Gawd. Otherwise, conservatism is all hate and fear and greed and envy: Raw sociopathy. It’s a mental illness, not a coherent philosophy.

    Unfortunately, liberals “believe” a lot of things, many of them contradictory or just unreal. But they’re not willing to do anything about them. Both sides with an actual voice in the debate are just too damned comfortable right now. Why should they change anything?

    The perfect example is healthcare. After years of stalling & backsliding by the Republicans, we now get… stalling & backsliding by the Democrats.

    The only way out of this is the real centrist path: Mixed-market democratic socialism, American-style. Forget all the beliefs and issues crap: The system is broken, it only has one side: Start working on adding another side, one that the progressive majority can support, for their own benefit. Otherwise, nothing will ever change, whatever the corporatist Lib/Cons say.

    Belief, schmelief: It all comes down to our interests versus theirs. F**k them. Now.


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