The R is for Racism

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     White people are not allowed to bitch about reverse racism. Period.

    Rich people do not get to complain about being oppressed, either.

    And I do not know which stupidity is more insulting to the intellect, Newt Gingrich twittering about reverse racism and his own wealthy white male people’s plight against oppression while he tours the death chambers of (Oy Gavult) Auschwitz, or using a Martin Luther King Jr quote to begin an e-mail that paints a latino woman as an-anti white racist with a superiority complex.

    The reality is that the GOP prefers minorities who know and act as if they were inferior. The empathy/reverse racism meme simply means that the only empathy allowed is for wealthy people and corporations, and the only racism allowed by the GOP is their own.

    The Republican party has been reduced to projecting the things that it fears will be used against themselves at their enemies. The GOP has failed on every level. They have no ideas and they aren’t even trying to find new ones. Instead, the repackage the same shit we have been force fed for the last 40 years.

    That is until recently, when the GOP and the Corporate Oligarch started taking pages from 1859 Virginia.

    Elitist, fascist and Un-American have been thrown around lately, and even then it is hard to swallow, but this whole Racism meme over Sonia Sotomayor takes the cake.

    The battle plan is divide and conquer. This is class war, after all.    


 Over the past few months the Party of “No!” has devolved into a howling, wounded, frightened beast. Fearing that their platform of “fuck you, working class serfs” might fall out of favor with the 99% of America who are not lobbyists and Super rich people, we have been treated to such instant concern trolling classics as

    “The birth certificate” conspiracy

    The “secret muslim” memo

    The “B” girl

    And the “monkey cartoon” that disgraced the already muddy pages of the NewsCorp publication “The New York Post”

    The message of the scary race card was always implied, but never clearly given. In the small town versus big city memo of the Republican strategy to appeal to the Real America, the underlying message was that small town people (white/non elitist) with values should have a greater voice than godless city people (elitist) and lazy inner city handout cases (non white) people.

    The problem with this plan was that the GOP could not win an election with only the small crowds of angry and mostly white people who showed up at the McCain/Palin hate rallies.

    The GOP tried to stage their coup with the “B” girl, whom Roger Ailes brought up on Fox News and said “if this is true, Americans should really think about who Obama is?” I paraphrase here, but I interperated it as meaning “if Obama gets in charge your white women will no longer be safe”

    Of course, in that same speech, Ailes said that if the claim of the B girl was a hoax, the GOP would be guilty of race baiting, a story that disappeared two days later when the hoax was revealed that the B girl was put up to it by a PA McCain campaign worker.

     As the election drew closer to it’s conclusion and the Republicans began to become more and more desperate the rhetoric changed to “socialist”, a memo that says welfare for poor people. Now that the election is over the gloves have come off, and the need to hide the outright disdain shared throughout the core of the Conservative base is obvious to anyone who is not a member of a country club in a 1980’s golf movie.

    The wedge issue of covert racism has always been an effective tool in the class war. Divide and conquer is more easily achieved when your enemy divides and conquers itself. The social programs cut by Conservatives harm poor and working class white people just as much as other racial minorities. The sexism that religious Conservatives insist on, the hatred aimed at homosexuals, the racism aimed at the immigrant communities all work together to serve one purpose, which is to guarantee that ill informed white people continue to vote against non white people and the limousine liberals who can afford to pay higher taxes. Of course, we know that this is patently false, but it sure plays well in the sticks.

    Meanwhile, the next generation of Americans could not care about the old Confederate guard. Our culture listens to Eminem and Jay Z. We root for LeBron James and Tiger Woods. We voted for Barack Obama to be President of the USA. That was when the GOP threw out all reasoning and let it’s racism hang out.

    When white people bitch about “reverse racism” it means “no fair, only we get to be racist.” When white people fear women who strive for success they see an adversary who should be their inferior. When Conservatives see homosexual people fighting for equal rights they see deviants who are unholy and bound for judgment, and when Republicans see poor people they think “well they will not get a dollar out of me.”

    It has always been effective in the game of divide and conquer to keep people with differences opposed to one another, but never before has it been so obvious in America that a working class white man has more in common with a working class minority (female/non white/non christian/LGBT) then either of them ever will have with the wealthy white male dominated country club crowd of the Conservative Republicans for the Second Confederacy.

    Going forward, the message should be to remind minorities who vote Republican, Independent or not at all that the GOP attacked our nation’s first African American President and our first Latin American Supreme Court nominee.

    Is there mot a single Conservative who is not a bigot and will speak out against this racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic hate mongering?

    Is there not a Democrat (Pres. Obama included) or pundit with the balls (or ovaries) to call the GOP what they really are, the party of open racism?

    If we do not have equality under the law there can be no justice.

    Tell that to the now openly racist GOP. When you do, remember not to show them any empathy.

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  1. To see an example of a GOP approved woman see Sarah Palin. For an African American see Micheal Steele. For any other minority see Bobby Jindal.

    What is it down to? 2 or 3 non white people and a crowd of stepford wives.

    What a party!

  2. hellz yeah.

  3. very well done.  Not sure what to put on your poll though.  Think it needed an all of the above.


  4. all they are doing is making themselves look ridiculous.

    Sotomayor will be the next Supreme Court Justice and these accusations of racism against her will disappear into the aether where it belongs.

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