Early Retirement Window

The suckiness of life is only exceeded by the suckiness of people who suck.  In this case the suck factor applies to those who have to follow “the rules” even if they make zero sense.

During the engineered financial collapse the global company I worked for put a gun to my head…er…offered an enhanced early retirement package.  True global companies seldom go out of business but they do however reserve the right to relocate your job to China of course.  At the time taking the package appeared to be a no brainer.  Of course there are now zero jobs to be had.  So since October that vaccum of internet job searching finally yields a vacancy for my old job.  Something I had a 22 year legacy in, a unique mix of skills zero companies in the continental US are grooming applicants for.  I could walk back in and do it in my sleep.  It is local, it would benefit the company and me save for the fuckwadization of fuckwads and their rules.

This was intended for Bush yet I see more, and even more evil memes on the rise.


ERW is just one of the methods to screw workers.  There are no raises this year, be happy you still have a job.  At 55 I have to start again?

Go pig flu, Lord smite em all.

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  1. can be marginally good at a job you hate because TPTB have to keep wages down via organized and planned chaos and “change”.  This is why those think tanks of futurism predict 8 years of training for careers that last five years.  Oh, yeah that is sustainable.

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