Campfire Stories

Yes I have been gone for four days but feels like a month.  Did I have fun?  Well yes I had so much fun I’m not going to tell anybody where I went.  Why?  Well because I don’t want Massholes, flatlanders and or any otherwise un-intitiated city folk messing it up for the rest of us.  The Apocalyptic horses went on a trip to an ideal spot.  Trails are straight, surface sandy so we can just let er rip, go for it.  I mean if we’re all gonna die in the next few months I for one am gonna die with my riding boots on.

This country has become full of Darwin Award candidates and my recent wild west vaction has cemented that meme firmly in my mind.  We have a great  “adjustment” coming even if most refuse to believe it.

Horse people have hearts of gold.  They are practical, closer to nature, have the patience of saints and that power to observe nature in those pinned back ears of their mounts.  It is the Massholes (a local term in reference to residents of Massachusetts who ASSume their shit doesn’t stink) who insist on paving paradise and putting up a parking lot/shopping mall/condo complex.

First impression. Cell phone texting.  I can possibly imaging some limited use for business people who might want to schedule their time and or not be available instantly.  Kind of like emails that don’t get answered immediately.  On the other hand I think it is immensly retarded when one person wants to communicate with another person using a media that is devoid of tone of voice impressions and instant two way exchange.  Choosing such a media and paying fifty bucks a month for it, to irradate my airspace with damaging microwave emissions for mis-interpreted language only short sentence bullshit is highly un-green and a waste of said brain cell damaging microwave radio spectrum.

Second impression.  Those equestrian/agrarian/country people of which I speak of, with their hearts of gold.  I am going to admit their tendency to submit to service to country puts them on that higher spiritual plane of noble souls yet I am going to step in and tell them that concept is dead.  The country is dead.  Their perceived country has sold them out to some pipeline and some CEO’s profit margin.  They do in fact know this already.  We are loosing the spirit that made America.  I felt spirit in the 75 year old who rode with us and got thrown from his horse, a spirited one taken to full out running.  “I broke her western style, she bucked me off three times, I made her what she is” he said.

Am I strange?  Am I full of myself?  Have I gone completely over the top?

I would like to tell these people with golden hearts toiling hours on end to stop feeding the useless eaters.  I dared not kill this 75 year old man’s heart by telling him 911 was most definitively an inside job.  

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