Breadlines, What Breadlines…

Numbers nine and ten.

Corporate power is protected.

Labor power is supressed.

We are in fact returning to the coal miner days of I owe my soul to the company store.  This report is direct and personal as each one of these stories comes from an immediate family member.

Union carpenters.  The pension plan is frozen,insolvent.  Vacation, sick days, holiday pay, history.  No work, large numbers of union members “on the bench”.

Retail big box electronics store layoffs continue.  In this case layoff meant a severance package and collecting unemployment except for the common knowledge that collecting unemployment from said company means hiring a lawyer.

The other complication is the offer of continued employment with said company but at the same time being given a highly negative job review after nine years of service.  “On final” they called it which means screw up once more and you are gone.  For what offence you might ask.  Well the offense was discovery of a fault in company policy and procedure which enabled a customer to walk away with a free computer.  The soap opera continues daily.

I have the pdf of a company policy which stated that employees would be held responsible for damages to the company.  True it was intended for big shots bribing government officials to secure business deals however at the same time this global company insisted upon attaching specific employee names to each package shipped.  Now as a mere peon employee all of us are totally up to speed on the global shipping to specific countries and all of the agencies prohibiting materials.  It is a subject even tax attorneys with 40 years can’t fathom.  So before I was downsized I just gave my packages to the shipper.

Elder care nursing home services.  Now nothing has really changed in this area “because of the economy”.  Insurance or medicare pays the nursing home.  They even have government agencies looking back five years to see if Dad or Ma gave Jr anything over $50 dollars in any single culturally accepted ” you gotta buy me some shit” holiday.  Big pharma, second only to the military industrial complex is still a sacred cash cow, no?  Despite all of this efforts are in full swing to eliminate my wife and her shift differentials paid for working twelve hour nights.  I have a multi-year history of several, well how do I put this, non-english speaking aides who worked with my wife.

One was a voodoo priest and eventually scared the shit out of the residents.

Another killed his girlfriend and at least two routinely hid in patient rooms avoiding call lights for unbelievable lengths of time knowing that as minorities they were THE protected species.  Sorry if that is indelicate, politically incorrect but it is true.  Now by the same token the wife knows other immigrants who are stellar workers and upstanding solidly good citizens.  

My wife however has ten years of service with this company and as such has not only a bullseye on her wage earning head but also that red laser targeting dot.

The excuse?  Oh, the economy is bad.  The engineered depression is followed by labor rights take backs.  How can you get more evidence of outright manipulation.

And me?  How is my job seach going?  Well can I pay somebody fifty bucks on the internet to find out if I am indeed on the Homeboy Insecurity no work list.

Is there such a database or are they connected to the daily emails saying the Nigerian prince owes me money.  Unfortunately research lab rats don’t have the connections to work “under the table” and collect unemployment benefits at the same time and hey, I’m by far way too much of a WASP to apply for welfare.  Yeah that ain’t PC either but we are all niggers in the back of this corpo-fascist buss.


  1. Programming the magnets was impossible.

    The water torch experiments have ceased due to lack of funds.

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