Big Depression or Long Lasting Depression

For the first time ever pre-Bilderberg information has been published.

This year Bilderberg is May 14-17 in Greece.

Nice choice depression or depression lasting long enough to lead into post-modernism.…

A more mainstream source link.…

One more, the mark of the beast 666.

Plus court.  I’m left with my impressions, very strong as to my suburbia going the way of the dinosaurs.  My son who drives like my grandmother got a failure to keep within marked lanes ticket back when the snowbanks covered most of the road and towns were trying to make money off of traffic violation quotas.  We went to the magistrate and explained and my son was found not responsible.

My suburban existence is currently held together via unemployment benefits.

Could I access my 401K in an “emergency”?…

Will I be able to tell people the money is not there?…

Engineer financial crash, with plenty of documentation to support such “bizzaro conspiracy theories”.

Also saw Twitter has become a place for celebrity airheadedness but if you have been able to follow my trains of thought you would have known that already.


  1. Yes folks even the Apocalyptic Ranch is no longer sacred.  As quaint old New England towns become yuppified cities the fascism taught and promoted by media has horse owners having to file manure management programs.


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