Torture:Duct Taping the Titanic

Ya, torture is bad.  Torture is evil.  Torture is being whitewashed.

So what, I said before the entire thing is a passification/diversion/distraction WMD, issue.

What pivotal event started, touched off, justified ALL of it.

911  911 911

Emergency, Emergency, please to get from street.

For Chrissakes Danish mainstream is talking about it.…

Freedom Tower in this post 911 world was deemed just to offensive.…

As if crying out from their graves Larry the ghoul Silverstein talks about decades of delay in redevelopment.  One can only hope so.

America’s grassy knoll is the size of Mt Everest.  Forget Nuremburg I want to know all about Operation Paperclip.  I have to read Dark Mission.…

Will gardens soon be illegal.…

Will youtube become a mere lamestream AOL type media oligarch echo chamber.…

Ah, it’s soo much better under Obomber.  The whole family has been laid off.  Unemployment runs out in June along with medical insurance, TV, internet, hot showers, cars and spiritual retreats countering the Satanic Bohemian Grove celebrations in July.

Dumpsta divin, the last American profession.


    • Edger on April 19, 2009 at 03:11

    Better, too. 😉

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