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I really like DocuDharma and my family does too.  My brother actually posts here on occasion and my Aunt is a regular reader.

What they tell me sets this place apart is that we are mellow and relaxed and I definitely think that’s the kind of atmosphere that buhdy and the rest of the founders intended to create, a space where you are free to express yourself in ways that are not rigidly limited by considerations of electoral victory.

I think our site’s tone is an accurate reflection of it’s readership and contributors.  I’ve always tried to feature the essays of others.  My opinions are mine to the extent I express them and to me that includes signing off on my promotions though I don’t always check every link.  All the Contributing Editors have the power to promote or at least draw attention to content so if you feel you’ve been unfairly overlooked all I can say is I’m sorry my arbitrary laziness offended.

While others aspire to more lofty goals I’m happy that we can give some exposure and consideration to content that might get missed at faster paced blogs, not that we’re slow.  We have 14 regularly scheduled slots a day that we mostly fill with member promotions.

Our anchor spots are mishima’s Late Night Karoke (3 am et) and early morning (7:30 am et) DocuDharma Times, Robyn’s (6 am et) Muse in the Morning, and Magnifico’s 4 @ 4 (pm, et).

Almost every day buhdy has something to say around 2 pm (et).

The regular weekly contributors are mishima again with Random Japan Fridays midnight (et), Pony Parties are published 2 pm (et) Wednesdays and 11 am (et) Sundays.  I kick in with Weekend News Digests on Saturdays and Sundays at 4 pm (et), Monday Business Update and Wednesday Science Supplement at 8 am (et).  Robyn has Friday Philosophy (6 pm et), Nightprowlkitty the aptly named Friday Night at 8 (pm et).  NLinStPaul is Sunday at 11 am (et).

Otherwise it’s up to you.

The payoff should be eyeballs.  In addition to the editorial freedom you have to create something that conforms to your own “artistic vision” (that I have no hesitation crushing like a bug without explanation should I decide to promote you), everything you publish here is more exposure for your work.

You can’t count on comments to measure effectiveness, between us and Democrats.com we’ve rounded up about 50,000 signatures urging AG Holder to prosecute torture.

But the bottom line is that I want to encourage your active participation- commenting, publishing, and contributing.  I value the service we provide and I hope you do too.



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  1. Tips are nice but as an Admin I really don’t need them.

    What they mostly are is a recognition that people read your stuff.

    • geomoo on April 30, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    from the crowd.  They don’t typically wander that far up the trail.  Once my then-wife and I spent a couple of weeks in the back country in the magnificent Great Smoky Mountains.  After about a week there, we had to hike over one of the highways which go over the crest.  There was a parking lot, a look-out and a small store there.  I remember the experience vividly for its surrealism.  A week of quiet hiking with sudden emergence into a crowded parking lot–tense faces, quick movements, crowding around the snack bar, unseeing blinks in the direction of the view.  One hundred yards past the nervous, obsessive commotion, the crowd has thinned significantly.  In less than a mile we are alone again save for the occasional fellow backpacker, calm in mind and body.  Ahhhh!

    I’ve been putting off my writing.  I’ll get a couple of things up this week, promise.

  2. that “Also” tacked onto the end of your diary there.  Typical of the liberal admin elites in this country – always makin’ fun of the way real patriots talk.    

  3. where they play R&B music and your elbows stick the the bar.  There’s darts and a pool table in back and sometimes they do a big BBQ party for some cause or another.

    And they even let you take off your shoes.

    and… where everybody knows your name…. ya know. ha ha


    • Robyn on April 30, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    a small Wherewhen located adjacent to an all-night convenience store.

    • dkmich on April 30, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    Joking aside, it is appreciated.    

    • Edger on April 30, 2009 at 11:46 pm

  4. Thanks for the lineup rundown. As a regular reader, I was aware that there was some sort of pattern to the patter, but I didn’t know exactly what it was.

    This is one hell of a good group of folks here, imho. I think I’m getting attached to the DocuDharma experience.

  5. no claims of reality which doesn’t exist, no smack downs for not paying homage to Napoleon. Great real politics news and music and art to boot. Thanks I have been missing in action a lot but when I feel like a dose of real reality I come here. My participation has no where to go but here. I value the service but think it’s more then just a service. It’s a good community, a place to think and read without the jive of the party politics. A courageous site that attracts some great writers and thinkers.    

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