The Laptop in Waist-land

Holy cannolli and guacamole.

No wonder we bloggers tend towards growing slightly fluffy. How long have you been blogging from bed? I mean, I do realize that this thing called a “laptop” is not a new invention to most of you.  I remain as culture shocked as a country dog discovering city fire hydrants. “Wow, I can leave my mark here. And here. And here too! There is a Dog!”

Although the bed thing is overrated. Unless you have the flexibility of a 12 yr old, and do NOT have a slipped disc, the lying on your tummy arched up on elbows to type is over quicker than a DOJ self-investigation.  The propped on pillows against the headboard, with the thing on your knees is OK, but it isn’t officially “lying in bed”… its more like sitting up slouchily. (yes i make up words) That leaves the side lay, but again, the one arm head prop leaves only one hand with which to type.  This must be the favored position of the guy who invented spell check. All I need now is a mini-fridge and one cup coffemaker, and I’d never leave the room.

Talk about fat, lazy Americans. What a hoot.

I used to have to actually GET UP and run room to room when I live blogged something on TV. Now even that meager exercise is a thing of the past. I do suppose it is self-limiting though. The day my belly overhangs the mousepad clickers, I will have to do something.

No small wonder webcams have become passe. I don’t want to see your morning breathed, hair mussed, jammy wearing, lazy ass, fluffy growing, bed lying self any more than you want to see me now. I like my illusions, and the control of only letting the finished product out.

Now, if something I read bores me to sleep, I can literally just roll over, in the perfect security that should the battery run out, I am just a plug in away from having my page revived in the exact position in which I left it.

Wow, my alarm doesn’t go off for an hourrrrrrrsdasnihomjcmm;;;;;;;;’


    • Diane G on March 3, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    I take this into the bathroom, one of you must promise to euthanize me.

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