Tell Them Who We Are

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You want the truth, Senator Leahy?

Here’s some truth for you:

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Liberty itself has been assaulted, democracy itself has been ravaged, an entire nation has been brutalized by those treacherous BushCo criminals you want to spend some quality truth and reconciliation time with.  But there can be no reconciliation, there can be no forgiveness for what they’ve done, the damage they’ve inflicted is incalculable, the lives they’ve destroyed cannot be given back.  They are obscenities in suits, they are treasonous to the core, they hijacked the government of the greatest democracy on earth and turned it into a wasteland of lawlessness, betrayal, corruption, and deceit.  

Tell them what America stands for, Senator Leahy.  Tell them who we are, show them what justice looks like.  

We don’t need reconciliation with war criminals who plotted and unleashed an illegal war of aggression that snuffed out the lives of a million Iraqi men, women, and children.  Bush and his war criminal administration targeted them for conquest, they subjected innocent human beings to illegal rendition and torture, they hired Blackwater mercenaries to enforce their criminal occupation and concealed their killing sprees.  Their crimes are legion, their treason was blatant, their guilt is beyond question.  They are frauds, they are traitors, they will not tell the truth in a Congressional hearing room or anywhere else.  They are assassins of the truth, assassins of the rule of law, assassins with the blood of a million Iraqis on their hands and the plundered wealth of America in their pockets.

Americans don’t need to be reconciled with any of those bastards, we need to be reconciled with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rule of law.

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We don’t need to reach out our hand to war criminals, we need to reach out our hand to the greatest charter of government ever written and pick it up out of the gutter they tossed it into.  We need to clean the blood off it so we can read once again the words of honor and wisdom that have guided this nation through more than two centuries of trial and crisis.    

The Constitution defines who we are as a nation, it defines what we believe in, it defines what we stand for, it defines what we cannot tolerate if we are to restore our national honor and redeem ourselves in the eyes of the world.  If we do not enforce it, we dishonor it, we dishonor ourselves, we dishonor those who trusted us to safeguard it, we dishonor our past and our future and burden our descendants with a legacy of shame and moral cowardice.      

We don’t need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, it would only be a Lies and Evasion Commission.  We don’t need half-measures, posturing, and bogus mea culpas, we don’t need to see traitors wrap themselves in the flag, we don’t need to hear them piously claim they were defending the Homeland, we don’t need to listen to them proclaim their patriotism, they have no idea what patriotism is, they have no idea what the truth is, that haven’t uttered a word of truth since they rode into Washington in their corporate limos with Limbaugh’s lies on the radio and a K-Street whore on their lap.    

America needs justice, we need an ARREST AND PROSECUTION COMMISSION.  We need criminal indictments of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, David Addington, Karl Rove, and every other flag pin wearing fugitive from justice in that RePug Regime from Hell.  We need criminal indictments of every hack who plotted treason with them, committed war crimes for them, abused power with them, and obstructed justice to conceal their guilt and complicity, we need prosecutions of every one of their craven co-conspirators in the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, State Department, and Congress.

America needs reconciliation with the Constitution, Senator Leahy.

America needs reconciliation with the Bill of Rights.

America needs reconciliation with the rule of law.

Investigate the betrayers of American democracy.

Arrest them.  Prosecute them.  

Show them who we are.

Show them what America stands for.

Show them what JUSTICE looks like.


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  1. I did not have a mouth full of beer when I opened docudharma this evening. That picture would have led to severe harm to my laptop.

    I’m nominating that as the symbol of George, Dick, Donnie, John, Karl, Condi, and the rest.

    I’m not too concerned about exactly what we do, but these people need to be held accountable.  

    • Edger on March 6, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    But I wouldn’t put them in a zoo.

    It would be an insult to the animals.

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