News Flash: Obama to Re-sign International Criminal Court Treaty?

Via Think Progress

According to a senior White House official, President Obama “has launched a high-level, urgent review’ of U.S. policy toward Sudan that will consider whether the U.S. should re-examine joining the International Criminal Court, which the Bush administration had emphatically rejected.” The official said a decision will be ready “within weeks.”


Of course there are still obstacles to making The Hague the court of last resort for Bushco, as this excellent diary by Greek Goddess shows… Will Bush Stand Trial in The Hague? A Primer.

But this would be the first step.


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  2. Very interesting!  

    We should belong to it, as a matter of course, anyway!

  3. in the “force”.

    Is my NSA staff actually listening to the blogs?

    Can I get off the Apocalyptic Horse.

  4. I will say this over and over again…

    no justice, no peace……….

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