It is time to say my good-byes

If you have read my stuff, you know I don’t trust Obama in the least.  He may have a sincere bone in his body (it’s probably the ‘stirrup’ in his right ear).  I think he’s one of ‘them.’

That written, you will understand that I don’t think I can Obamafy.  Why would anyone want to?  Indeed, why would anyone consider it a good idea?  If, as I believe, he represents the ruling class, then why support him?

That written, to each his/her own.  I may be wrong (probably not).  Obama may just be what the country needs at this time.  He may end up deserving the near worship he gets, even here.  If so, I’ll be happy to say he’s been a success and godspeed in his future endeavors.

So, thanks, bhudy.  Thanks, ek.  Thanks, whomever.  I’ll probably still read here, but no longer post.

BTW: Someone will need to take over the 8 PM eastern Tuesday Pony Party slot.


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    • Robyn on March 9, 2009 at 02:39
  1. to see how we can all feel alone in what we think.

    There have been days I could have written this exact same essay from the opposite point of view.

    It seems to me that the voices here are more mixed than sometimes we’re able to take in. Perhaps that happens when we believe in something so strongly.

    It might seem odd for me to identify with you on something like this. But I do. And I hope you’re able to hear that with the respect from which it comes.

    I’m really hoping you’ll reconsider.  

  2. But I did not hear from the boss that we should stop being ourselves. No reason for you to stop believing what you do.

    • kj on March 9, 2009 at 03:28

    a great, worthy challenge in having an alternate pov and expressing that pov without tearing each other to pieces, or shunning, or all the old ways of disapproval.  

    speaking only for myself, i am not an unthinking obamabot.  i didn’t campaign for him.  i’m damn glad he won and i do like what i see of his mind.  whether he is successful in gaining any ground is still way too soon for me to call.  we’ve all lost a lot.  some of us didn’t have much to begin with.

    this is school.  if you believe in what you’re teaching rjones, teach.  🙂

    • Edger on March 9, 2009 at 03:45

    when people having difference of opinion and discussing them rationally and calmly with both sides using fact based arguments, logic, an critical thinking was the “normal” (much as I dislike that word) way of things. That kind of disappeared about 8 years ago because some people wanted things their way but had no rational argument for what they wanted, so the only way they had left was to try to demean and destroy their opposition, and it worked for awhile.

    But the first way is back now. The one change that Obama’s election ushered in, much as I don’t like a lot of his policies as they’ve been expressed so far, is that “thinking” is back in style.

    Could he be fooling people? Sure he could be. Could he have the same foreign policy goals of world domination as Bush and every other president for the past 60-70 years? Possibly. Probably even, imo. But he isn’t labelling people who call him out as traitors, and neither are his supporters.

    Goober is out of style now.

  3. to have empathy.  I saw a few other people at DKos get hung up on Obama but that wasn’t really the point of the essay.   It’s about the ability to see the world through someone else’s eyes. In terms of the blogosphere that will go a long way towards ending the petty feuds and name-calling that distract from honest discussion of issues.  I believe that is what buhdy was trying to get across.

    In terms of the world at large, when you have empathy for the pain and suffering of others, their struggles become your struggles.  That’s the starting point for working together to create a nation where we are equal and everyone has the same opportunities to thrive and survive.   I believe that is what Obama is trying to get across; although theory and practice don’t always mesh.  

    Please don’t leave over this rj.   Your point of view is beneficial to this community.  

  4. Which is why I hope you’ll reconsider. There is always a need for the openly critical voice, to stop ourselves from lapsing into the comfortable dreams that are constantly being spun for us by the establishment.

    In dictatorships we are more fortunate that you in the West in one respect. We believe nothing of what we read in the newspapers and nothing of what we watch on television, because we know its propaganda and lies. Unlike you in the West, we’ve learned to look behind the propaganda and to read between the lines, and unlike you, we know that the real truth is always subversive. –John Pilger, quoting Zdener Urbanek of Charter 77

  5. because you invoke me.

    I’m not actually convinced Obama is the second coming as you can see from my promotions.

    The reason I don’t promote you all the time is that you quote too much.  I do that too, but I’m an asshole and I’m convinced I know what I’m doing.

    You are not an asshole.

    I enjoy reading what you write and will miss you if you go.

    Please don’t.

  6. I don’t think this is an Obama groupie site and there needs to be some balance. You are not the type to randomly bash him, either.

    I do think we need to give him a chance to get things moving, but I also agree with you that if he can’t stand up to the same scrutiny that was applied to Bush, we DO need to say something. I also agree that he could be moving a lot faster on certain issues than he is. There are a lot of people working for and with him – who, like him, are salaried BY US – and there’s no shortage of work for them to do. If they can’t do what needs doing, there are thousands more of us out of work who are willing to do it.

    I, too, want to see less “Hope Poster Child” and more actual results, progress, realized goals.

    I hope you don’t leave.

    • Viet71 on March 9, 2009 at 16:47

    I have always liked your posts and have agreed with you about 99% of the time.  Mostly I’ve been just a lurker.

    Please don’t go.  For its health and well-being, this site needs your input.

    Please don’t go.

  7. that sucks. I wish I could say that I felt it sucked more for you than it will for us, and me in particular. I am one of those folks that is always convinced that he is right, so having the other point of view in my face on a regular basis is all the keeps me from being insufferable. You leaving is just going to push me that much closer to the edge.

    But if you are not feeling it, then you are not. It is not that easy to crank out regular posts all the time, and between here and your own place that is a lot of writing.

    All the best to all of your future endeavors!  

  8. …I vote for the stick around, lurk on essays, and pop in with a comment every once in a great while model of complete nonaccountablility.  But then, I would :}

    Your essays and interests are often original and interesting.  I didn’t read “the” essay (see aforementioned description of nonaccountability) but what makes this place innarestin’ are views which range from the classic international left to the libertarian to the more better democrat types.  Sometimes there is no clash or interaction and it’s boring, sometimes everyone just gets pissy, but sometimes — sometimes — it’s just the right mix to get a new perspective.

    That aside, I rely on you for enough Marx, de temps en temps, to improve the day…

    • dkmich on March 10, 2009 at 12:09

    I’m still not sure that that diary wasn’t snark.  I don’t support hurtful personal attacks; but I’ve never seen any of those here.  

    By nature or nurture, I’m not much of a “pussyfooter”; and I like things plain spoken. I learned sticks and stones at a very young age; and I firmly believe that we have to take care of ourselves and have no right to expect others to look out for us.  And when and if they do, it is a gift and and a favor, not an entitlement.

    You have to do what you have to do, but I hope you will reconsider.  I will miss your stuff.  

  9. 1.  I think the essay in question was nonsense.  It’s a request imo for civility and activism dressed up in the Emperor’s New Clothes.

    2.  The GBCW genre, as I’ve said before, is overrated.  It’s a kind of explanatory, but unnecessary punctuation for an event (leaving).

    3.  Can I recommend that you join me in the woodshed for a spell?  My woodshed, as you can see, has Internet.  And when your battery is re-charged, and your perspective is renewed, and you’ve had a chance to watch from the peanut gallery for a while, you can come back if you want to.  And along the way, you get to show up (like this comment), type like mad, and then disappear again.  

  10. And who only gets here for an hour or so a day at most, I don’t get to get in on most of the conversations as they happen. Such is the case right now, I have no idea of what may have transpired (on what, Sunday?): But I do know that I call Obama bush-lite, I do know that your essays are important not only to me, but to many others here, as is exemplified by many of the comments I have seen in the discussions after your posts, and I do know that I have seen people come to their own personal ah ha moments because of your posts.

    I am with davidseth 100%. Take a break and come back with a comment, when you feel you have to speak. IMHO your voice is important rj, and DD is an important site. I personally will feel deprived of the benefits of the conversations I have read as a result of your offerings.

    All that having been said, I respect your decision to take off, and I wish you the very best. I guess that I am going to have to be a little less of a one trick pony, and start going to some other sites, such as yours and davidseth’s, to get the viewpoints you guys offer.

    Thanks for all and be well.

    Peace        Jim  

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