Ion Beam Deposition Rates

Went into the fire.  Yup, that’s right in 22 years worth of R&D career one just accumulates lots of stuff.  Its too much for a shredder so a backyard fire pit will have to do.  Spectrometer calibrations sheets, meeting minutes from 1993,symposium pamphlets,travel permission slips yet most annoying of all those corporate performance measurement plans of varied schemes each saying how the company “valued” my contributions.  Valued, ha, see my two middle fingers straight up.

Downsizing for the move.

Politics makes strange bedfellows.  I have to go with what the spirit guides tell me and get ready to bug out.  I have already done my time in corpo-fascism and given my worldviews they probably won’t let me work in science again.  Am I anti American?  Just what does that phrase mean these days.

Martin Niemoller what exactly did he say?…

Governor Jay Nixon defends the right to profile libertarians,Ron Paul supporters,gun rights activists and even people who fly the American flag?

HR 875 may mean five years in jail for CEOs!  Sign me up!…

Blacklisted internet sites.…

But back to the reason for the move.  It is simply maybe a way out of a terminal situation.  When people like Alex Jones make sense above all the mainstream din, all of it aimed squarely at an audience with a mental age of 12.  I’m with Alex.  The Obama Deception.…


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  1. But very highly anti-globalist in it’s current version.

    Have no where near the money to do what Brian did.

  2. this way, but is there no room for hope in you world view anymore? I don’t mean to sound all Xian with that, but is it really so bleak that you can’t find a reason to get in there and work for the slim chance?

    It is okay (for you) if you think that answer is no, I guess I am too dumb to know when there is no chance of winning. I can’t be that bleak.

    Is it too much to wish you good luck? Hell, I don’t care, good luck, good life, where ever it takes you.  

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