Internet Attack

Nothing says elite establishment American more than the name Rockefeller.  Here he is trying to sell you something that only ensures his kind stays atop the food chain.…

Cyber threat in this case means you.  The threat of Americans learning and discovering and embracing the truth just might end their control over us.

You and I as peasants are all plugged into a system which is by definition insecure.  Why is it insecure?  Because if they have to give the pResident a six thousand dollar secure Crackberry that means the one you have isn’t.  Plus all of it goes through AT&T intercepting routers then directly into NSA HQ. See The Shadow Factory by James Bamford.

So why do “they” want to lock down the internet and or turn it into a sanitized shopping mall lamestream AOLish enviornment.  Truth, real thinking, real news!  911 truth sites,survivalist information,discussions of VMAD countermeasures and most recently Wikileaks and the Austrailian blacklist.

That collective two way communications media poses a threat to those who control the world.

Simple Google searches return counts of results.  Yesterday New World Order returned 166 million, today it is 165 million.  De-population currently returns 59.2 million.  Obama+reverse speech is now 226 thousand but seriously who would want to dwell upon all of this doom and gloom when lamestream media(73,500) is available as the blue pill, putting your mind back to sleep.

Note the dates.…


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  2. since it’s inception, a natural aspect of it’s potential use for military communications purposes. Initially designed to be a resilient form of maintaining communications that would survive warfare or natural disaster, the control freaks embedded their pattifingers at the lowest levels.

    This book, third in a series long out of print but unclassified (and given to me by my father after I joined the Air Force) has some interesting information about the bitmask fields in the standard IPv4 header illustrated on pages 46-49. Of especial interest are the fields marked “reserved for future use”. While this book contains no classified information, it is specifically aimed at a DoD audience and thus has information that you won’t find in more generic books on the subject.

    It’s easier to install surveillance stuff, especially these days when listening in on a VOIP phone conversation is as easy as making a copy of a file and packet sniffers are available anywhere you look.

    It is harder to control and sanitize information on the net but yes, that is happening too. For an example, let’s start with the greatest con job of all:

    The Memory Hole is a great site, and it’s not the only one of it’s kind, just the most well known.

  3. which controlled internet access for most of the Middle East.

    NOBODY is going to tell me that some Latvian punk in his babushka’s basement pulled THAT off.

    Computer security luminaries Bruce Schneier and Steve Bellovin weren’t buying it either.

    Oh, and three guesses what probably got installed during the repairs?

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