Dystopia 5: Lost

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“And hundreds of thousands of simple, kindly folk torn from their wives, mothers, and children, and with murderous weapons in their hands will trudge where ever they may be driven, stifling the despair in their soles by songs, debauchery, and vodka.  They will march, freeze, suffer from hunger and fall ill.  Some will die of disease, and some will at last come to the place where men will kill them by the thousands. And they too, without themselves knowing why, will murder thousands of others, whom they have never yet before seen and whom have neither done nor could do them any wrong.”  From Christianity and Patriotism By Leo Tolstoy Author of War and Peace


Light penetrated DJ’s eyes.  With the light came the uneasy feeling that something was wrong.  He could not open his eyes.  Where was he?  Why did he feel so strange?  What was the last thing he remembered?  He drifted. Waking up next to Gerry?  No that was almost a year ago his mind told him.  Getting into Matt’s unit?  Yes…that was closer.

His first day of training he had been led to the field and Matt had welcomed him into his unit.  He and Cirrus had showed him around and told him what to expect.  Which guards could be trusted and which to avoid.

DJ took a breath in and clenched his teeth.  A crushing pain filled his body.  Exhale.  The pain was still there but better.  Inhale. Gritted teeth.  Exhale.  What had happened next?  Ah, yes…

Training.  Climbing walls, running, exercise, and the crawling under wire that Sam had promised.  He had done as Sam said.  Kept his head down.  He had been moved to the barracks as promised in a few months.  That was good.  They were not as confined and stifling.  He had others to talk with and the Blackwaters were not in his face all the time.

In.  Out.  Every breath wracked his body as he drew it in.  He could not hear anything but a high pitched whine.  He was lying on his back.  His eyes were closed.  Where was he?  Why did it hurt so much?

He had bulked up.  He was now bigger and stronger than he could every remember in his life.  Then came the order.  It was time for Matt’s team to go South.  There was nothing to pack.  All of them had been taken from the fields with just the clothes they had on their backs, and those had been discarded immediately after they were taken.  They were given new uniforms.  Dusty green with the word “Trustee”  written on the back.

Somewhere deep in his subconscious a voice began to whisper, “Run!” Jack was in too much pain and too confused.  He ignored the voice.  He drifted back some more trying to pick up where things had gone wrong.

They were taken out in the backs of large trucks; bound, blindfolded and gagged.  This so they could not warn the people outside what was going to happen.  They were driven somewhere for what seemed like an hour to DJ.  By then he had gotten used to confinement and no longer had a sense of panic when closed in.  Then they were taken out of the truck and the gags and blindfolds were removed and their hands were freed.  They were at a train station.  DJ had seen these as a child but did not realize any were still functional.  There were several cars waiting in the rail.  All with two layers and metal slats along the sides so once they were in the cars they would not be able to get out but air would flow freely in the car.  Nothing else existed in the cars.  They were fed and given canteens.  Matt and the rest of his unit was seated on the top layer of one car with 2 other units.

He opened his eyes.  The bright light hurt them.  He immediately closed them again.  Inhale. Tense for the pain.  Exhale.  Jack’s mind floundered for stability.  Where was he?  Why did he hurt?  He drifted away from the pain again.

The train.  DJ went faster than he had ever traveled in his life.  At first there was a strong sense of nausea on the train and Jack discovered that it was good to be seated on the top layer because several of the men vomited through the slats within the first hour of travel.  DJ did not vomit but he did not eat what little ration was provided for them by a person with a large pack on his back who staggered through the train at intervals.  DJ did drink the water though, and then discover the second reason it was good to be on the top layer.  On the second day he had done much better.  The feeling of moving so fast was exhilarating.  Staring through the slats in the car he had watched the world speed by.  Hours and hours of desert stretched into days of desert broken by slower travel while the train chugged up a mountain range.  The air grew cooler.  Uncomfortable to DJ and his companions and they and huddled together in the middle of the car.  Then the usual heat that they were used to returned as they descended from the barren mountains back into desert.

In.  Pain. Out. Better.

They had come to Fort Jenna.  Jack and his companions had gotten out on legs shaky with disuse for 4 days.  As exhilarating and interesting as the ride had been, DJ was grateful to get out of the train.  They were almost immediately loaded into a truck and taken to their new home.  They were housed in newer barracks inside a much larger fort than Cheney had been.  Their mats were actually raised on platforms off the floor and they had storage under the beds for personal items.  Very chic.  Now that they were far from home and the families and friends they once had known, their training began in earnest.  They were given lessons in strategy. Weapons training existed of learning to take apart an unloaded gun and clean it and put it back together.  Shooting one round at a target before getting another round.  The weapons were given to the men for training and then taken back at the end of the lesson.  As little trouble as Matt and his men had been, it was clear that they were not of the same ilk as the Blackwater men and were not to be trusted fully.

“Get up.”  The voice said a little louder.  Jack started to notice the voice but still ignored its command.  Instead he took another breath.  In.  Agonizing.  Out.  Then he opened his eyes a crack and let his eye lashes filter the light in. The sky was dark with smoke.  And what was that buzzing sound?  A gagging smell was in the air.  And there was smoke.  Lots of thick, dark smoke.  Where was he?

Paraguay.  Yes that is what his First Shirt had told him.  Paraguay.  At the heart of the Blackwater system.  The capital of the current government of the Americas. Fort Jenna.  Where the water and the fuel ran free.  Where the supply trucks came from.  Where the front line was.

In.  Clench.  Out.  “Run.”  The voice was becoming insistent.

He had been comfortable there.  He was well fed.  He never wanted for water.  The work was easy.  Matt and his team had finished there training.  They got the third uniform change. This time a dark green that said “Auxiliary” on the back.  And they gave him a small stipend every month!    They had been assigned to a pumping station about 120 miles from Fort Jenna.  The station pumped natural gas from the Earth and filled it into tanks under pressure to make it liquid.  Then it was sent back to Fort Jenna.  Some of it would stay there and some of it went north to supply forts in the United States. Matt and he had worked side by side at the station.  The men working there were heavily armed because there were rumored to have been raids by the rebels.  When Matt’s unit was at the station they were given weapons which were collected when they came back to the fort.  That was how it worked.  One month at the station.  One month at Fort Jenna.  All in all a pretty good life.  When they were at Fort Jenna there was entertainment, gambling, and women.  DJ had not really known or understood what was to be done with the stipend he received every month but he learned quickly from the women.  DJ had never really had a chance to take part in recreation before.  He was enjoying this new life.  He and the men in Matt’s unit had become great friends.  All in all his life was good.

In.  Fire.  Out.  “Run!!” the voice screamed.

The men in the unit…Matt!!  Something about Matt.  What was he supposed to remember about Matt?  Then in a sudden burst of painful memory he saw Matt smiling down at him from on top of a tanker.  Joking with him as he prepared the tanker for filling.  Then Matt’s face exploded and his body fell off the tanker backwards away from Jack.

“Get Up and Run!!”

Jack finally heeded the voice.  They were in danger.  But from what?  Jack rolled to his left side.  Crushing horrible pain in his chest.  A thick layer of dirt slid off his chest and on to the ground next to him.  He panted for a minute from the effort, fire burning his every inhalation.  Then he managed to get to his hands and knees.  He started to crawl away.  Getting to his feet was simply out of the question.

“Faster!”  The voice prodded him.

They were in danger.  They were always in danger.  That’s why they had been brought here.  To do the work that no one else wanted.  Not because it was hard but because it was dangerous.  Jack found a bush.  His hands searched for purchase around one of its limbs.  Behind the bush was a large boulder.  He used the branches of the bush to pull himself into the crevice under the boulder.   He used his hands to prop himself in the semi sitting position.   He began to look around.  Behind him there was something on fire.  Something large.  Very large.  Flames leapt 20 feet into the sky.  Funny, Jack could not hear it burning. All he could hear was that high pitched buzzing.   What was making that sound?  What was on fire??

Matt had disappeared from view and Jack had known what would happen next. Why couldn’t he remember what had happened? He had been torn between going to get his friend and running away. Why should he run away? Because the tanker would explode. The tanker!  That is what was burning.

It came back to Jack in broken fragments that his muddled mind could barely knit together.

His will to live had one out over his desire to see if his friend was really dead. In truth he knew Matt was dead.  He had started to run but as he hit the foot of the hills around he plant he heard the tanker go with a mighty “Karumph”.  He had turned to look just as the shock wave hit him.  He was lifted off his feet and flown through the air.  And then he hit something.  Hard.  A rock?  The ground? Didn’t matter.  Was that why it was so hard to breath?  Broken ribs?  Or was it just the fumes?

Something moved in Jack’s peripheral field of vision.  About 50 yards away men were running toward the fire.  Their mouths were moving but Jack could not hear.  They were brown skinned and had no uniforms. They all carried guns.

“Hide”  the voice screamed.

Jack slid down the boulder into the underbrush at its base.  These men wanted to kill him.  They were the rebels.  They were the ones who killed Matt.  If they had seen him and came to kill him in the state that he was in there would be nothing he could do.  He would not even hear them coming for him.  He began to creep around the rock.  No one came for him.  He began to crawl away from the fire again.  There was a ravine up the side of the hill.  He crawled toward it.  When he got there he slid into it without much grace.  He crawled as far as he could and then collapsed in an area of the bank that was undermined making a small cave just big enough for his body.  Face down into the rocky soil we collapsed again.  He would lie here for a while.  Just a short rest.

In. Pain. Out.  Darkness.

When Jack awoke it was dark outside.  He chest was still on fire but it was not nearly the piercing pain it had been.  He was able to sit up.  The whine in his ears was still there but not as loud.  The moon was full and Jack could see reasonably well.  He looked in the direction of the tanker.  It was still smoldering and smokey but it was not giving off light.  The smoke blotted out an area of stars above Jack’s head.  What was giving off light now was the actual pumping station which was spewing a tower of fire into the air.

Jack worked his way to his feet with his back against the side of the ravine. He crawled out of the ravine and  he began to stagger down the hill. The barracks was also destroyed by fire. There would be no food or water there and no way to call for help. How long would it be until they missed them? A day….two…a week? The water truck came every four weeks with the change in teams. They had just come here day before yesterday. No doubt the attack had been planned for the water truck because the entire truck was missing.

There were several bodies around the tanker.  Some wore Blackwater uniforms and DJ knew their names but had not counted them as friends.  Some said Auxiliary on their backs and those hit DJ hard in the stomach.  These were the bodies of his friends.  Jack examined the first Blackwater man he came to.  He had a canteen and Jack was incredibly thirsty.  He knelt down and touched the man.  He was cold and not breathing.  Jack took his canteen and downed the water.  Then he looked for a weapon.  The man’s gun was missing but he had a large knife strapped to his leg.  Jack took it and strapped it to his own leg.

He struggled to stand again.  He went to the next Blackwater man and preformed a similar ritual.  This time he kept himself from drinking the canteen.  Instead he looped it around his shoulder and went on.  He filled 4 canteens in this way.  Enough for 2 maybe 3 days if he was careful.  He worked his way slowly to the back of the tanker.  If anyone was watching surely they would have come for him by now.

He rounded on the tanker slowly.  He had to see if his memory about Matt was correct but at the same time he did not want to.  Behind the tanker was a body laying spread eagle on the ground.  The face was unrecognizable but Jack knew it was Matt.  There were two other Auxiliary men behind the tanker.  Both of them had been shot. Murphy did not have his canteen. Cirrus only had enough to top off Jack’s forth canteen.  Jack found himself standing over Matt.  He could not bring himself to steal from Matt, even though he knew his friend was dead.  He didn’t know why he was compelled to talk to the corpse but he did.  “I’m sorry Matt.”  Was all he could choke out.

Then he began to think about his own situation.  He knew the Fort was 120 miles to the South of this station.  That is how far they traveled back and forth each month in the truck.  He was not sure if the Blackwater guys had some sort of way to check in daily or not.  They did  not share their information with lowly Auxiliary guys.  He doubted it though.  They acted more or less autonomously once they were here and Jack could remember one of them driving off to the fort to carry a message at one point.  That vehicle was also missing.  They would miss the tankers that were supposed to be filled and on their way in a few weeks.  Then how long would it take for them to come and investigate?  He could only make it 2-3 days.  Could they see the flames from Fort Jenna?  He doubted that too.  They were in their own valley here and a series of hills separated them.

He could follow the tracks the stolen water truck had made.  It had at least enough fuel for 100 miles though and he had no idea just how far they were going to take their booty.  Even if he found them they were clearly heavily armed and not in the mood to give him a drink.

Jack walked to the edge of the compound.   In the dust he could see multiple foot prints where men had struggled and fought for their lives.  He could easily see the foot prints going off into the brush.  Apparently they felt that all of the Americans were dead and that there was no need to hide from them.  He wondered if the tracks would still be present when the rest of the Blackwaters came to investigate.  But again he had no idea where these tracks led to and how long it would take to get there.  And when he did get there they would most likely kill him.

Of his options though following the tracks made the most sense.  They were on foot and could only carry so much water.  They had to stop relatively close by.  If the Blackwaters came and the tracks were still there then they would follow those and the tire tracks.  He might yet get rescued.  He just had to figure out how to steal some water when he got to wherever his attackers had gone.  Maybe they would not guard the water and he could just fill his canteens and wait.

Jack started up the hill.  Given his condition it was slow going.  The full moon aided him in finding the tracks.  When necessary he used a flashlight he had stolen from one of the Blackwaters but he did this sparingly because he did not know if he was going to need it later and he did not wish to be spotted by the very people that he was following.  When dawn came he stopped using it all together.



The Concepts Behind the Fiction:

1.  The Bush Dynasty in Paradise:

You just never know what is going to give you an idea for a story.  I was surfing the net when I came across this story about Jenna Bush (one of the Bush twins) in Paraguay.  It seems that she had secured a rather large chunk of property for her family in Paraguay.  The article speculated that the Bushs were going to escape prosecution for their various crimes in the States by going to Paraguay.  I found that laughable.  Not that the Bushs hadn’t committed crimes; just the idea that they would in any way be held accountable.  I assumed at the time that they just liked the area.  Maybe it has a lot of brush that needs trimming.

Later, though, I did read an interesting speculative article that the Bushs bought the property because it lays over the Guarani Aquifer.


The Guaraní Aquifer, located beneath the surface of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, is one of the world’s largest aquifer systems and is an important source of fresh water.[1] Named after the Guaraní tribe, it covers 1,200,000 km², with a volume of about 40,000 km³, a thickness of between 50 m and 800 m and a maximum depth of about 1,800 m. It is estimated to contain about 37,000 km³ of groundwater in the world, although the overall volume of the constituent parts of the Great Artesian Basin is much larger), with a total recharge rate of about 166 km³/year from precipitation. It is said that this vast underground reservoir could supply fresh drinking water to the world for 200 years. Due to an expected shortage of fresh water on a global scale, which environmentalists suggest will become critical in under 20 years, this important natural resource is rapidly becoming politicized, and the control of the resource becomes ever more controversial.–Wiki

Though I have no idea whether this is the real reason the Bush’s bought land in Paraguay, I do have no doubt that despite their denial on camera of the cause of global warming, they themselves are aware of the problem and preparing for it off camera.  No doubt their plan will involve using a scarce resource, like oil, to leverage their own lifestyle.  Current ownership of such a resources be damned.

The story on the net was about the Bush family and every one reading this is likely to know who they are.  There are a plethora of such families in the world that are less well known who have just as much clout in our government and are likely carrying on similar preparations.  Public denial of global warming was not because those in power were confused, and it was not for the benefit of wealthy, well educated connected families.  It was to keep the rest of us placated until these families had their life boats in place.

The article speculated that the Bushs are aware that global warming is coming and they bought the property because it has natural gas and water.  Fuel and water…two of the resource that are predicted to become scant in the next few years.  It did fit with the “last man standing” mentality that runs through the written documents of the men in the administration at that time.

Anyway, the idea of the descendants of those currently in power setting up a series of forts to guard dwindling resources in an increasingly brutal world became the basis of DJ’s story.

Bush’s in Paraguay


2.)  Imperialism

“If you want to rule the world, you need to control oil. All the oil. Anywhere.”–Monopoly, by Michel Collon

“The trouble with this country is that you can’t win an election without the oil bloc, and you can’t govern with it.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

In our world it is oil and not gold, or water, that determines who has the power.  Oil is what is needed to supply the energy for industrialization and for waging war to keep other countries in line with the ideal of our own country.  Oil equals power.

Capitalist nations, when they have eaten through their own resources, ultimately resort to imperialism.  They build empires.  In other words they find ways to confiscate the resources of other nations for their own benefit.  This can be done in a variety of ways.  The oldest way is to win the resources in war.  In other words take them away by brute force.

There are more subtle ways as well.  The IMF and World Bank have embarked on a debt schemes that rob nations of a variety of resources and give  the resources to multinational corporations.

Citizens of countries are rarely willing to fight and die for the rich  in their countries or the power in their countries to gain these resources.  Therefore the fight has to  be presented as though it is anything but imperialism.  Yet the long history of oil imperialism can hardly be denied.

A Short History of Oil:

{The names of various places and oil companies have been changed to their most modern names so that the reader can track the flow of oil through the decades.}

Early 1900:  Germany surpasses England as a manufacturing center.  They need raw materials for this and so turn to the Ottoman Empire–Iraq.  They build a railroad to ship the resources including oil from Iraq to Germany.

1901:  An early version of BP (British Petroleum) purchases 480,000 sq miles of land in Iran.

1905:  BP finally finds oil in Iran.

1910:  The British navy converts from coal to oil, which they get from Iran.  They begin to see Germany’s activities in Iraq as a threat to their own oil as the railway could also be used to move troops into the area.  Additionally Germany is building a naval fleet to rival England’s.

1914:  The British buy 51% of BP and insist that the director always be British.  WWI starts. Britain gets its oil for the war from BP and Royal Dutch Shell (Shell Oil).

1919:  Standard Oil (Exxon, Chevron, Mobil) purchases the Russian Nobleman’s oil.

1920:  Russian revolution and new communist regime seizes oilfields without compensation to Standard Oil.

1928:  The oil barons (Standard, Shell, BP) meet in Scotland and realize that competition hurts them all.  They agree to fix prices and thus create a giant monopoly thus undermining the tenets of capitalism.

1939:  WWII starts.  The Germans rush through North Africa and gain control of the Suez canal to gain control of the oil being shipped through there.  The Japanese seize the holdings of Royal Dutch Shell in Southeast Asia.  Germany captures the oil fields in Romania.

1941:  FDR signs an embargo of Japan that cuts off their oil supply.  The Japanese government files a “war warning” and 2 weeks later bombs Pearl Harbor.  Germany captures the Persian (Iran) oil fields of BP.

1942:  Germany captures but fails to hold Russian oil fields and is unable to fight the war on 2 fronts without the oil it tried to capture.

1945:  BP controls the oil in Iran after WWII.  Gen. MacArthur becomes the Governor of Japan and his assistant is Laurance Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller’s grandson.  The French colony of Vietnam is run by Ho Chi Minh and receives from MacAurther a large sum of unused weaponry.  This was done to curry favor with the Vietnamese who had a large oil field off their shore.

1951:  Iran seizes BP oil fields in a coup.  The Western nations embargo Iran preventing them from selling their oil.

1957:  Kermit Roosevelt, FDR’s grandson, leads a CIA take over of Iran and places the Shah in power.  The oil is taken away for BP again and given to Rockefeller’s Standard Oil.

1950’s:  Occidental Petroleum (a front for Rockefeller/Standard Oil) negotiates a deal with Stalin to buy Russian oil.  Two pipelines are built that terminate in the fields of Iran and go to Standard Oil.

1954: Vietnam defeat the French using US weapons.

1961:  OPEC is born with members Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.  More members are added later.  Oil price fixing starts anew.

1964:  The Gulf of Tonkin incident is faked.  War is started between North and South Vietnam.  America backs South Vietnam.  An extensive bombing of Vietnam ensues and as the planes are returning to their carriers the planes drop “unsafe” munitions in designated areas of the ocean away from the carriers.  Seismic charges go off in the ocean on a daily basis for years.

1970’s:  Russia eyes the huge oil reserves in the Caspian Sea and tries to take Afghanistan and Pakistan.  They are unsuccessful.  The CIA funds the Afghans and trains Osama bin Laden in the process.

The middle east is convinced to trade oil exclusively in Petro-dollars.  This props up the American dollar as the world’s exchange currency.  So oil backs the American dollar instead of gold.  Everyone accepts dollars because dollars are what is used to buy oil.

1973:  OPEC raises oil prices 70% to punish Western nations for their support of Israel.  Embargo of oil being shipped to the US and oil prices in the US go up another 130%.

1978:  Standard Oil merges with BP, now known as BP-AMOCO.  This locks British and US oil interests into one unit.

1979:  Ayatollah Khomeni takes over Iran.  Standard oil is kicked out.  There is a huge increase in gas prices and a gas shortage in the US.  Attempts are made to build a pipeline through Afghanistan which fail due to war.  Other oil pipelines are built through Iraq and Turkey.

1980:  Iran-Iraq war started.

1984:  Nelson Rockefeller, personal assistant to Henry Kissinger, represents the US at the Vietnam/Paris Peace talks and wins a Nobel peace Prize.  Offshore oil bidding starts and Norway, Germany, Russia, Autralia, BP, and Shell all bid on lots that do not produce any oil.  Standard Oil bids for and won vast oil reserves.  Somehow they new just were to look for the oil.  (Remember the seismic charges during the war.)

1991:  Rumaila oil field secured by extending the border of Kuwait into Iraq in First Gulf War.  Standard Oil doubles its prewar output.

1990’s:  Pipeline to be built through Kosovo to the Mediterranean Sea.  Yugoslavia refuses IMF request.  

1992: Beginning of the Bosnian War.  Yugoslavia broken into smaller states with the US occupying the largest base built since Vietnam in Kosovo.

There is a sea change in US policy.  We become much more open about the fact that we intend to bully the world out of their resources.  The beginnings of the Bush Doctrine are born.

Defense Planning Guidance for the Fiscal Years 1994-1999,–“Various types of US interests may be involved in such instances: access to vital raw materials, primarily Persian Gulf oil; proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles, [and] threats to US citizens from terrorism or regional or local conflict. Furthermore, the US must sufficiently account for the interests of the advanced industrial nations to discourage them from challenging our leadership or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order.

“First, they sell armaments to a regime (for example, Panama, Iraq, Yugoslavia/Kosovo, Afghan/Pakistan/Taliban Mujaheddin, Saudi Arabia).  Then, they demonize the regime to which they sold the armaments and declare war on it (e.g. Panama Invasion, Gulf War, UN Kosovo war, Afghanistan war, Iraq War). After the war, they station permanent military bases in the country and use the military bases to control the energy resources in the surrounding countries. Current U.S. foreign policy is governed by the doctrine of “full-spectrum dominance”: the U.S. must control military, economic and political developments everywhere.–Hermes Press

1998:  Unocal (yet another front for Standard Oil) trys to build a pipeline North/South to Europe through Afghanistan.  They are unsuccessful in negotiating a deal with the Taliban.


2000:  Speculation causes oil prices to increase precipatously without oil shortage.  On November 6, Saddam Hussein decides to switch from Petrodollars to the Euro to trade his oil.  The US is afraid this will cause a chain reaction and that other oil producing nations will decide to do the same.  The US Dollar starts to lose ground against the Euro.

2001:  Iraq contracts with Russia to develop its oil fields.  It also has contracts with Germany and France.  Exxon, Conoco, BP, and Shell meet with Dick Cheney at various times early in the year.  US and Britian bomb near Baghdad.

A Pentagon document dated March 5, 2001 and titled “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts” includes a map of areas for potential exploration. (Ron Suskind “The Price of Loyalty”)

9/11–Penatgon and World Trade Towers are attacked.  Six days later President Bush signs a document outlining the war on terror which directs the Pentagon to begin planning a military operation against Iraq.

A letter to President Bush from the neoconservative Project for the New American Century says, “Even if evidence does not link Iraq directly to the attack, any strategy aiming at the eradication of terrorism and its sponsors must include a determined effort to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.” New Republic editor Marty Peretz signs on.  Mother Jones

9/20:  Bush and Blair meet for a private White House dinner. According to the former British Ambassador to Washington, Blair told Bush not to get distracted from the war on terror. Bush replied, “I agree with you, Tony. We must deal with this first. But when we have dealt with Afghanistan, we must come back to Iraq.” Mother Jones

By December Rumsfeld has ordered Franks to begin work on Iraq War Plan.


War against Afghanistan.  Hamid Karzid is placed in power.  (Former top adviser to Unocal.)

Holes are blasted in the Cano Limon pipeline by rebels (FARC) in Colombia.  War on Drugs in Colombia declared.  Colombia has the second largest oil field in th Caribbean and a pipeline owned by Occidental Petroleum (front for Standard Oil).  It is US’s 7th largest supplier.

2002:  U.S. Ambassador meets with Pakistan to continue work on North/South pipeline.  Permanent bases built in Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.  July 23rd Downing Street Memo recorded by British MI6 in which George Bush is reported to have said that he will fix facts around his desire to remove Saddam Hussien from power in Iraq.

2003:  Feb. 2003 Colin Powell presents evidence of WMD’s in Iraq to UN.  Mar. 2003 preemptive invasion of Iraq to get WMD’s which were never found.  After winning the war all previous contracts with Russia concerning oil are considered void.

2006:  Iran to start trading in oil in Euros.

2007:  Bush and Putin unofficially declare war on Iran.

Iraq is pressured to meet certain “benchmarks” in order for the US to withdraw some troops.  These benchmarks include outlawing collective bargaining, impounding union funds, control of future exploration and development of Iraqi oil by American companies, and negotiates terms for Iraqi oil that are very favorable to international oil companies and not at all favorable to the Iraqi people.

March 2009:  Exxon, Mobil, Shell, Total, Cheveron and BP return to Iraq in a no-bid contracts.  Russia, China and India are shut out.

Mother Jones Timeline

After Downing Street


3.)  A Whisper in the Dark

I’ve gone back and forth with myself on including this segment but in the end the evidence against the official story since the attacks continues to mount. So, deep breath, the attacks of 9/11.

Initially, I would have said the same as anyone else.  That the attacks were committed by fanatics who were unbelievably lucky.  They were exactly what they appeared to be. It is not that I did not believe that those in power were incapable, emotionally, of destroying 3000 of their countrymen, it was that I did not believe that they could do that and keep it a secret.

Since then I have been confronted with evidence that is simply too hard to explain away.  As a woman of science, the following evidence simply could not be ignored by me.  Since our entire political structure today revolves around this one moment in our recent history it is important to at least understand it and accept it for what it really is and what it really means.

Jet fuel is mostly kerosene and burns and 1500 degrees at its hottest.  The official story is that the steel in the WTC buildings was not melted by this but was made weaker.  It takes a blaze of 2750 degrees to actually melt steel.  But this cooler fire weakening of the steel girders that then “unzipped” and the upper floors collapsed onto the lower floors.  Each floor that was hit by this mass of concrete and steel then sequentially failed and collapsed on the floor below it, like a stack of pancakes.  Thus the “Pancake Theory”.

There are problems with this story.  For one thing fire fighters documented molten steel in the base of the collapsed towers.  How did it get hot enough to actually melt steel?

Additionally there is the problem of Building 7 collapse.  NIST now admits that the top part of Building 7 collapsed at free fall speed.  This means that it collapsed at a rate that a building collapses in a universe without air or friction.  If this happened spontaneously then Building 7 violates the know laws of physics.  Additionally an object in free fall can not be exhibiting a force on lower levels and thus drive their collapse, leaving no explanation for the collapse of the lower levels.

Finally it violates the laws of probability.  The building collapsed into its foot print.  This means that all four corners of the building collapsed within a tenth of a second of each other at every level of the 47 story building.  This is done without the “pancakes” that are present in the WTC buildings 1 and 2.  Any deviation from that pattern and the building would have started to tilt and eventually fallen on its side.

Even if you did not accept the arguments of logic already offered there is the problem of dust.  Dust was collected and analyzed by FEMA and USGS.  Additionally, private individuals analyzed dust samples from areas that were sealed after the collapse.  Some of this dust was analyzed at BYU and Los Alamos lab, one of the more respected scientific labs.  In the dust were small round sphere of steel.  This steel had not only been hot enough to melt but had been vaporized.  The steel from the dust was collected also placed in a gas spectrometer.  Samples of steel from a memorial built out of surviving girders was also analyzed.  Gas spectrometers will tell you the composition of what ever is placed in them.  They break it down to the actual elements and give you the amount of each element.  The steel in the WTC dust had large amounts of chromium, fluorine, manganese, titanium, aluminum, sulfur, and 1,3 diphenylpropane.  This is something you do not want in your steel when you are making a sky scraper.  These elements would weaken the steel sufficiently that the building would have collapsed under its own weight, so they could not be present from the day the building was built.  They had to be additives to the steel on that it came down.  These elements are found in a very strong explosive called Sol Gel Thermite.

Sol Gel is used to blow up buildings with a minimum of noise and flash.  This does actually constitute a smoking gun.


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  1. excellent compilation of facts.  

    It has always been about the oil and the gas pipelines.  In Afghanistan, Iraq, and if “they” have their way, Iran!

    Here’s a recent video, explaining the situation, although Richard Behan, explained it all so well in his article “From Afghanistan to Iraq — Connecting the Dots!”

    The Oil Factor – Blood for Oil  

    • Pluto on March 23, 2009 at 11:20

    Obviously 9/11 was pivotal to all recent events. Was it a happy coincidence?

    The fiction at the beginning is evocative and left me wanting more. The oil timeline is nice to see presented in such a stark fashion. The water tie-in is brilliant.

    Thanks for a fascinating read.

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