Documenting the Apocalypse

This is Tim on Thursday.


This is Tim on Saturday after I had blogged extensively including a direct link back to WBZ asking whom Tim Geithner worked for and owed allegance to.  The Treasury of the United States or the Council on Foreign Relations.  When on Thursday I copied the photo and saved it to my hard drive.

Well today its Friday and from my prior post,magically the WBZ photo is somehow different.  The Council on Foreign Relations grafitti has somehow been replaced with the far more innocent looking normalized background and Lasthorseman is on DEFCON FIVE looking for the BLACK HELICOPTER squad.


I am of course only a meager American peasant prole and have zero means of absolutely digitally proving that I did in fact poke the bees nest and that said event provoked a response within a 24 hour period from that great Satan.

I posted on WBZs own blog Conversation Nation asking who Tim Geithner really works for and thus owes allegance to.  WBZ responded by changing the picture with another one.  The new picture of course did not have the Council on Foreign Relations printed all over the wall behind him.

I swear, I love my grandson and as I type this I fear for his life.  This may end my time here with you fine people.

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