Do You Like to Eat?

Yeah I do too.  News of the latest food fascism scam comes from pilots for 911 truth.  All you survivalist gardeners out there?  Keep your food to yourself.  Let the peasants eat the Monsanto soylent green.

HR 875 The corpo-fascism food act


A cut and paste from the discussions about food fascism.

The best way to view this fascist bill is on

This is tyranny writ large

from the definitions section

(14) FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITY- The term `food production facility’ means any farm, ranch, orchard, vineyard, aquaculture facility, or confined animal-feeding operation.

any farm

Even if you do not sell your produce

you are subject to inspections and fines up $1,000,000 per day for each violation

You may be imprisoned for up to 5 years if someone gets ill from your produce

you may be imprisoned for up to 10 years if someone dies

you must keep records of all farm practises and produce these documents on demand to the administrator

the fines levied by the administrator cannot be changed by a judge

They will define ‘acceptable’ farming practises and chemicals to be used

it just goes on and on and on


It seems my spirit guides have spoken and it’s not good. If there is any truth to visions people get it is the stuff of Robyn’s Dream Catcher.  How karmically timely.  Time melts away, the floodgates of the universe open up leaving me a mere mortal completely inadequate to interpret the results.

Don’t kill the messenger.  It was only last night I saw “Obama is the anti-christ”, and of course such things do come from the “religious right” but as each group be it left or right and all of those areas of grey in between cement themselves farther and farther into their own belief systems and or illusions thereof it does become the makings of the Biblical Apocalypse.

I would rather be here.


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  1. Small dairy farmers across America are being completely terrorized by the government. Inspectors constantly sniffing around and shutting them down at the slightest hint of listeria or other contamination. Often they are forced to sell to big corporations like Nestle.

    This even extends into the tightly knit, largely self-sufficient Quaker community. The Quakers sell to each other on their own terms, those who are Luddites still farm the old fashioned way. These people, too, are being harassed.

    Several years ago I sent away to the BATF to find out what would be involved in going pro with my mead making. The envelope of forms to fill out that came back was two inches thick. One of those forms was to register the source of my honey through the Department of Homeland Security. I am not kidding.

  2. none the less “out there” for most people.  We have known and been talking about this for years yet here it is spilling out into lamestream Hollywood.

    Hollywood does Chemtrails

    Toxic Sky part 1- CHEMTRAILS (NBC4.TV)

    Toxic Sky part 2- CHEMTRAILS (NBC4.TV)

  3. true value left from my hippie hippie shake. How stupid can these failed corporatist’s get? They do seem to be losing as they do not pay. so maybe it will be as in Brazil freelancers defined as the terrorists (FARMERS OF ACTUAL FOOD) who at least keep the black market alive . Food producers who actually produce food considered criminal and fined. You can thank the Clintons for this as they were during their reign regards to food what W was to oil. Mosanto, the dirty chicken king of Arkansas or where ever the big dog came from, hell, I can’t even enumerate the assaults to what we blithely call food. Doesn’t mean we won’t get real food but it does mean you have to buy it outside the pathetic excuse of the sanctioned economy. The one that is in death throes due to shit like this. Well where I live food and trees are considered by most as sacred, everything else is dust. Good luck to stopping the only pipeline to rel food we have.          

  4. While in Sweden they have built a multimillion dollar storage facility to store every kind of frigging seed in the world “in case something happens”, seed companies are busily turning perennials into annuals (so that you have to keep buying more seeds of course) and there is a huge push to develop seedless varieties of fruit and vegetables so that you cannot use the seeds from produce you buy to grow more of the same.

    I mean, talk about control freakism. This is the type of mentality that would give Mother Earth a hysterectomy if they could find a way to charge you for what She does.

    I bought a pound of jalapeno peppers and some bell peppers last week and when I cut them up, I saved the seeds. I plan to test this last story out myself.

    And fortunately, other like-minded guerrilla gardeners are also alive and well – and national!

    Kiss me darlin’ and pass the rototiller… LOL!

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