Breaking: New Mexico Legislature Abolishes State Killing

Long story short, the NM legislature has passed the bill abolishing capital punishment in New Mexico and has sent it on to the governor for signature.

This happened about 15 minutes ago.  Here’s a first link to prove it’s so.

Now you can open that bottle of champagne and offer a toast to New Mexico and to the abolitionists who worked so hard and well to bring about this wonderful victory.


Update (3/13/09, 10:24 pmET): AP tells the story thus:

The New Mexico Legislature voted Friday to repeal the death penalty and replace it with a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The state Senate voted 24-18 for the repeal bill, sending it to Gov. Bill Richardson for his signature.

Richardson has opposed repeal in the past but now says he would consider signing it.

“I have met with many people and will continue to consider all sides of the issue before making a decision,” the second-term Democratic governor said in a statement issued after the vote.

He would have three days – excluding Sunday – to make a decision once the bill reaches his desk.

The House approved the legislation a month ago.

Richardson’s statement doesn’t rain on the parade.  There’s some more work to be done– on getting his signature– and I’m sure folks are attending to that.  You, of course, can help this by emailing Gov. Bill Richardson or calling his “Constituent Services Office” at (505) 476-2200.



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  1. A wonderful, wonderful victory!!  Yes, yes, yes.

  2. Potato chips o’justice are damn tasty.  Welcome back.

    Hoping Richardson signs it.   I think he may just surpise us and do so.

  3. Thanks for getting this information to us.

    I know you feel gooood!

    (p.s.  link not working)

    • Edger on March 14, 2009 at 04:02

    thinking came back in style and somebodies came to their senses.

    What’s Richardson’s problem?

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