Battlestar Galactica Finale

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I’m so totally playing hooky tonight.

It’s too distracting to concentrate on anything else except spring cleaning which I really need to do to clear the decks for action.  I’ve given up on being very productive this evening.

Here’s a Wikipedia list of all the previous episodes including the survivor rates which I always thought was a very cool feature and meant to save.

This is the general Wikipedia treatment of BSG.

I don’t pretend to be the greatest trivia expert on it.  I’ve felt that until Sometimes a Great Notion and No Exit I had no frakkin’ clue where they were headed.  Even now rewatching all this cutesy music nonsense (that was just plain ridiculous in Crossroads) I’m almost certain it will be hugely disappointing.

I felt that way about Moonlighting and Xena for instance (Cybill on the other hand was satisfactory).

The space below is for your scribbles.


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  1. SciFi is so totally lying to you about the time.

    Battlestar Galactica: The Last Frakking Special is airing now.

    On their site the schedule says 8 pm is the start of the “2 Hour Episode” when Part One of Daybreak starts.

    Part Two is the 9 pm to 10 pm hour they are lying to you about on screen.

    Repeat starts at 10 and goes to midnight.

    All Times Eastern.

  2. what Adama needs to do for an hour.

  3. My grandma’s helper still calls despite the fact my grandma was a jerk.

  4. Crying in the park fountain.

  5. in happier times.

  6. The first non-flashback.

    Who is the new crew guy anyway?  Don’t remember him.

  7. They’re dismantling Galactica.

  8. And a flashback.

    Nothing ever changes.

  9. Was my teenage crush.  Starbuck was cute too but I’m not into  blondes.  

    Sorry I haven’t kept up on the new series at all.    May have to rent it sometime.  

    Enjoy the show ek! Hope you get some company here.

  10. Someone’s in jail.

    Helo?  For the Muntiny or Galen for Boomer?

  11. He hates that name.

  12. but my mom likes it. Perhaps I am not evolved enough? The only sciences I really ever did any good in were biology and geology/earth sciences. Sorry.

  13. Even the ones who mourned them are dead.

  14. Lets all hate on Baltar.

    Afraid to admit he is human?

  15. Or should I say Zombie Kara?

  16. Lets go plug in your husband.

    Totally Frankenstein.

    Ander’s perfect moment flashback.

  17. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeghhhh!

  18. Huzzah.

  19. I’m sure it has enormous symbolic significance.

  20. We’re going after Hera.

    Of course the location thing is bullshit because Ellen knows where the colony is and they’ve already sent out a scout.

  21. Who the heck was that dying Cylon in the last episode then?

  22. I’m sure Shawn Ellison will be a very obscure trivia question later.

  23. I’ll go in a Raptor alone, don’t think I won’t, you wienies.

  24. Stage port or true port?

  25. You’re just as important as the Doc.

    Of course you won’t get any more lines.

  26. Col. Travis.

  27. I’ll mention at this point I’m hard put to come up with a plan that doesn’t involve the Base Star and look a lot like Han, Luke, and Chewbacca sprin Leia from the Deathstar.

    A least one that I think will work.

  28. So you don’t have any cheese.

  29. And Tigh of tempting Adama of course.

  30. a drunk political dick to seduce Kara.

    Goodbye Zack.

  31. Told you he’d be a trivia question.

  32. Gaius feeling sorry for himself.

    Afraid he’s being written out before the final scene.

    They still pay you, you know.  You already have enough lines this episode for scale.

  33. Caprica.

    I didn’t like Atlantis as much as SG-1.

  34. 2 days.

  35. I mean Fleet.

    Who the hell is he?

  36. For some reason he reminds me of Phil Collins.

  37. curiostity killed the…

    I’m waiting Gaius.

  38. It’s Puppy Bowl!

  39. Go!

  40. together again.

    No the real one.

    I think.

  41. Action stations.

    Start the clock.

    We’re spending a lot of money on an Emmy here.  Look sharp.

  42. They’re getting the crap pounded out of them.

    Go ice cream Anders.

    Get that Hybrid.


  43. What exactly are they assualting?

  44. Helmets off.

    We want good close ups.

    Also why they put lights inside helmets.

  45. The first red shirt goes down.

  46. Very SG-1.

    Automatic weapons in corridors zapping aliens in armor.

  47. Evil guy conference.

  48. again?

    And another Eight goes down

  49. Umm…

    From where?


  50. Umm…

    What about ‘Nuke them from orbit’ did Ripley not teach us?

  51. Atheana screams.

    Must a been Boomer bought it.

  52. Run Laura run.

  53. And a midget is dancing in a redrum.

  54. They have the little girl!

  55. “That’s not gonna happen!”

  56. Chews scenery.

  57. At the proper time, the secret priests would take great Cthulhu from His tomb to revive His subjects and resume His rule of earth….

    Then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy.

    Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom.

    Old Castro

  58. How much for the little girl?

    Ressurection says Tigh.


  59. Maybe the website is wrong.

    Never believe what you read on the intertubz.

  60. Now we’re going to SHARE?


  61. Guns!

    Now 2001 a Space Apocalyse.

    And those bloody Bozukis.



    They must be some way out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do yeah.

  62. Yeah.

    That will solve everything.


  63. Lets wreck the set!

  64. All that money and we’re still alive.

    Where ever we are is where we’re going to stay.

  65. Heaven == real Earth.

    Prehumans.  We can breed with them.

    What are the odds on that?


    I have a cheap infinite improbablity drive for you.

    Don’t forget your towel.

  66. Break the cycle.

    Live off the land.


    Fletcher calls the one with the most coconuts!

  67. What am I missing?

    Oh, and what about everybody (the majority we presume) we left behind?

    Do they get our stuff?

  68. Got those Scottish Pipes going.

  69. The hour thing is a polygraph.

    At least I get that.

  70. and a rag tag fleet flying off into the sun.

    Kinda moth like if you ask me.

  71. Fields of Dreams of Wheat.

    If you build it…

  72. He likes to boogie…

    In the disco roooound

    Ow, ow, ound.

  73. we’re not totally divorced from reality.

    Laura is still dying.

  74. what Kara’s special purpose was?

    My name is Navin Johnson.

  75. Lee grows a quick bread.

  76. someone’s going to stick their tongue on a frozen flagpole I just know it.

  77. She really is an actress.

    Any you Lee- climb every mountain?

    She disappeared.

    And then I saw

    Thousands of millions, crying for this man.

    I heard them mentioning my name

    And leaving me the blame.?

  78. Shawn?

    Who called it?

    That would be me.

  79. Shadow Caprica and Gaius say goodbye.

    Or are they the real ones, I get confused.

  80. And Outlaw Josey Wales.

  81. And Gaius and Caprica Six (the real ones?) walk the streets of Haight Ashbury.


  82. Shawn == Student sex!

    Kinky Laura.

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