Are We Lame

Instead of surfing the usual Apocalyptic channels I thought I’d check the normal channels for what is popular on the internet.  

From Technorati the top searches are.

Top searches




jennifer garner




paris hilton

jennifer aniston

Well enviornment is in there, this is good but taskbar?  We don’t know what the taskbar is yet?  Paris Hilton, don’t know if I should laugh or cry.  Further refection is more telling.  Ok Huffpuff is number one and orange comes in at number 10 but the rest, Engadget,Techcrunch,Gizmodo and something called BoingBoing.  I feel myself falling asleep already.  Huffpost,hmmm, well if I wanted lamestream I’d watch TeeVee or go to Yahoo or MSN.  The rest though?  Junk,electronic imported junk of the latest sort. Discussions about features and enhancements all of us know will be obsolete next week and or how best we can all be enslaved by our gadgets.

Here we go.  BoingBoing front page.

MC Hammer. Don’t care, don’t know and don’t care.

How to ply yarn- OK mildly could be interesting

Hitler………Hey,hello,anybody home it’s 2009.

Hamster on organic food…..

Here me snoring yet?

OK Knights of the Veils, Mount Up

One one side we have Rush but the other is more Orwellian.

The Hate Crimes Bills, hate, terror, terror and hate. Do we see a pattern here?

Something government HAS to step in and FIX?…

Military may patrol bar zone in Canada.  Soldiers don’t drink?

Term New World Order spills over onto CNN…

More elecronic junk, see it spills over into the conspiracy sites.…

Church says obey government.  And yes this went on under Bush too.  Religion as a tool to control fools.  I even saw some minister declaring part of the NascoCorridor the Holy Highway.  That was in Texas BTW.…



Back to Technorati a glimpse of an old issue.  Did Bill Frist and Dennis Hastert really give total immunity from prosecution to Big Pharma companies?

Did BARDA become a reality?…

In the interest of Homeboy Security the theme was the “infrastructure” of the pharma company itself should be an essential asset and thus immune to “frivolous” lawsuits, say perhaps from drugs rushed through their testing phase?…

They are talking about troops to help with the ever imploding drug war in Mexico.  We have a War on Drugs but two year olds must year several times a day on TV

“Tell your Doctor you want…”

The recent Supreme Court ruling about the secret law you didn’t know existed?…

Glenn Beck and his debunking of FEMA camps in America again becomes a minor issue however I do recall Governor Deval Patrick, on TV state that these “illegals” went to Ft Devens for “processing”.…

Been to Ft Devens but didn’t see much there except empty old buildings.

Latest movie review.  Austrailia,good story and I gotta love the shamanism in it.

“I sing you to me.”

You are not bored now are you, admit it.

Or “put me back in the Matrix”.

Lindsey Lohan takes on Madonna…..eeeeewwwwww.…


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