no fair to hurt me


Perhaps I wasn’t clear the first time.  This is the best and most important piece of fiction to hit this site since Caribou Barbie (no offense Caribou).

Read it and weep. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

i wish i wuz not DED

mbye you herd about mee my name was eeCHEEna but no wun new that becus i cudnt tell them my reel name so thay all call me travus. they sayed i was a kind of pepl not like the pepul that had only har on top of there heds i has hare all over me so that meens i am a CHIMP. i not sure what means chimp cept that ws what was me. i liv with lady for yers an yers. sometimes had fun. wun time i got out and played in the middle of lost of pepul OUTSYFDE. i luved outside an specilaaly cars. I rember the time I got out like that lots of peupl came to see me it was relly fun an then they gived me treats an I wnt home. they use to take picture of me an put me on tv an on the computer.

it was ok but i never relly felt i belond with the no hair pepul. i no there was oter CHIMPS becus I saw them befor. i dont thnk nun us CHIMPS ar spos to liv in haus with no har pepl. but still sotims it was fun cuz i lik to wath tv and i like to be in bath. i wuld get really gud eat sumetimes i wuld drink drink that make me silly an sleepy. and what i like bset i was to ride OUTSIDE in the CAR.

was ony thing i wanted was ride in CAR. I did not FELL GUD. feld very bad an want to ride out in car. an lkady say no travus not ride in car now becus we r bizzy. not sure what bizy is ecept it means i cant do what iwant to do cuz something else was bester than play with travus.

i hat name travus. never liek it.

so if lady so busy then why can other lady come over and play when i live here? i was SICK not her an only waned ride in CAR and iwas other lady falt that i could notr GO in CAR.

I got MAD! i wanted other lady to go away and so i got mad and hitted her and hitted her in her face.

then my lady cut me with NIFE! Hurted travus!

then everyone scream an i mad and scred and I go OUTSIDE an RUN and I heared WEEE OOO WEE OOO and got real loud. lots of cars comed and they were fulled with the mans that wear the blu sutes. theys were the mans that com wen i was OUTSIDE with the cars before and they wre nice that time but this tim they were MAD. and can’t be mad at ME caz it ws not FAIR tell travus cant go for rid in CAR becus bizy then some lady come to play! so i saw on of blue man in CAR an I want to go HIT him an then

bad thing happn

he poin at me a thing an it made BANG i think maybe thre time.

it hurt me very bad

so i go INSIDE. I lay on my bed

and still hurt till i cundnt see or mov any thing more.



CHIMP shuldnt be with no hare pepul. i saw chimps on tv when i was live an theydon live in no house and they run in play in trees an GRASS. Always OUTSIDE. and they find friend chimp an luv and make baby chimp.

i never dod non of the things becus i had to liv in hous wit no hare pepul.

And nowe I am ded an i didnt do nothing i would done if i nevr liv in house with peupl with only head hare.

now i don think no hare pepul shud have CHIMP in there house we done belong ther.

now i am ded an i just know

no won

will call me travus

no more.  


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  1. is very sad.

  2. This is also beautiful though.

    When will they see the value of life, for what it is for who it`s meant.

  3. from ME <*o^>


    ME2 (*_*0


  4. I usually don’t like animal stories, but this one was beautifully written.

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