Action Alert, Call Conyers

Lifted straight of Daily Kos in the spirit of solidarity…

Siegelman: Rove Trying to Cut Deal, Call Conyers by Ralph Lopez

Governor Don Siegelman has learned that Karl Rove is in some sort of negotiation for immunity or exec priv before he testifies on Feb. 23.  He is asking for people to flood Judiciary Chairman John Conyers with calls to make sure he “stays strong,” no deal, no immunity….  

Chairman Conyers’ Office

Office: (202) 225-5126

Fax: (202) 225-0072

Go read the rest and then make the call!


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  1. It’s clear that the Bushies inserted countless obstacles and roadblocks to justice while they were in office and especially right before they left.

    Of course we, the citizens, aren’t allowed to know what those obstacles and roadblocks are — which is part of why they’re so pernicious.

    I am fucking sick and tired of our representatives using that as an excuse not to do the hardwork of demolishing those roadblocks and obstacles.

    The American people deserve to know the truth to what happened.  And Rove needs to be held accountable.

    I am not underestimating the difficulty the Obama Administration is having when it comes to the balancing act between executive privilege and justice.  But this is bullshit.  There is no excuse for this.

  2. I asked the staffer what is going on with the Rove subpoena — he’s had a subpoena against him for a long time now (of course, I knew about the executive privilege BS).  He said that the Obama Administration was adapting the same reasoning and that the matter is now in the courts to be settled.  I asked him what would happen to me if I assumed the same posture and had a lot of information — he wanted to know if it was a rhetorical question. I asked how is it that “executive privilege” could still be claimed NOW.  He didn’t know why or how.  

    I said the inherent contempt is the way to go, pick him up and lock him up.  We have to wait on the court’s decision.  I said, NO DEALS with him.  This is all BS.  

    Cong. Nadler believes he should be held in contempt and I’m sure there are some others.  

    I guess next, call members of the Judiciary Committee and keep calling Conyers’ office.  Call Attorney General, Eric Holder’s office about this and appointing a Special Prosecutor.  

    With exception of some, I think there seems to be a mutual effort to cover everyone’s asses.

  3. Exclusive: Rove not covered by executive privilege in political prosecution case, lawyer says

    John Byrne

    Published: Monday February 16, 2009

    Lawyer: Rove won’t take the Fifth if he testifies

    Representatives of the Bush White House are no longer advising former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove that he is protected by executive privilege as regards testimony about the alleged political prosecution of an Alabama governor.

    In an exchange with Raw Story, Rove’s Washington, D.C. attorney, Robert Luskin, also said Rove won’t invoke his Fifth Amendment right to protect himself from self-incrimination, if and when he testifies about the firing of nine US Attorneys and the prosecution of the former governor. . . . .

    The only basis that Rove has ever declined to appear has been the White House claim of immunity for senior advisors to the president and executive privilege,” Luskin said. “I do think that it’s clearer now that the Siegelman matter falls outside the scope of the former claim and, on that basis, I offered to have Rove appear on this matter.” . . . .

  4. Conyers has been WACKY FAXED!


    OR ELSE…

  5. got Mom in on the act too. She and Rep. Conyers go way back so maybe that will be a force multiplier.  

  6. Thinking Liberally: Jerry Nadler, Howard Dean & You

    Read what Cong. Nadler has to say, then sign in and comment.  He’s inviting comments!  

  7. figure out how to harness all the gas that these pols emit and get off the dinosaurs. Rove is Bush’s Brain and nobody wants to open that can o worms. Theuy all including Conyers gave it credence voted it’s illegal laws in and funded it. The day they reinstate our habeous corpus and repeal the odious Patriots Act and all the rest of their illegal bills, is the day we can say that the rule of law is back. Moving on is the new order and no wonder since they all are complicit including Obama in perpetuating the fictions that this shit was/is necessary. You know it’s the security man. Terrorists or socialists will get us if we don’t protect ourselves by giving up the laws that protect us. From who and what?  

  8. Friday, January 30, 2009

    Executive Privilege When You are No Longer the Executive

    Michael Isikoff reports that days before President Bush left office he sent a letter to Karl Rove telling him that after Bush left office Rove was under no circumstances to testify before Congress or provide documents to Congress. Isikoff reports that a similar letter was also sent to Harriet Miers.

    President Bush’s view is that beyond ordinary executive privilege, Rove and other aides have an absolute immunity from testifying.

    The fact that Bush sent these letters while he was still president makes no difference. He is no longer president. The claim of absolute immunity he is making (as opposed to executive privilege, which is not absolute) would be controversial even if offered by a sitting president, but it is even more so when offered by a former president.

    As I noted previously, it is likely that everything turns on whether the new administration consents to the testimony; a former president’s privilege is not absolute but must necessarily be limited by the needs of the present administration, which, the courts presume, will take into consideration the needs of former and future presidents. Even if the Obama administration consents to testimony, Rove and Miers likely won’t take yes for an answer. They will try to litigate their position in the courts, meaning that Rove and Miers will not testify until the process runs its course. President Bush and his aides are playing for time.

  9. by the Abner J. Mikva, a senior director at the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic of the University of Chicago, and James Pfander, a professor at Northwestern University School of Law, and published in the Chicago Tribune, on August 1, 2007,

    . . . . But now, with the White House’s sweeping invocation of executive privilege in the dispute over the Justice Department’s firing of eight U.S. attorneys, the House and Senate may be forced to reopen the jail. Otherwise, Congress may find itself with no way to secure a judicial evaluation of the Bush administration’s privilege assertions. . . .

    Short article worth reading!

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