Happier Days at the Apocalyptic Ranch

I get the impression people think I am an old grump with no heart, wanting to ride this Apocalyptic horse and such.  Hey, I didn’t start the path to destruction, government/The “Illuminati” did.  Bunch of anal people wanting to “manage” all the time and media backing the prescribed left or right paradigms of the current day.  I think the horses know better.  

Is dinner ready yet?

Is dinner ready

The blue eyed one.

Blue eyed one

Nothing like new snow.

Roll in the snow

The philly.

New philly

The not so little guy.

Little guy


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  1. Pretty ponies!

  2. Note the rise of shoe throwing as a method of protest

  3. love it!  great pics LH!

  4. in Horseshoes?  heh

    Beautiful pics…thanks!

  5. I grew up on a horse. Two shetlands (terrible disposition in just about every one I’ve seen) by the time I was 7, and then on to a welsh pony, which is a great kids pony. About 10 or so it was on to thoroughbreds, quarter horses, Calf roping (I was a 3 year letterman in calf roping in high school), and then on to rodeos, bull riding and saddle bronc riding, and broken bones and smashed faces. The Army saved me from being a (bigger) cripple by sending me to the land of Panama Red and turning me into a DFH.

    But, by God, did I have fun on the top of my ponies.

    Thanks for stirring up the memories, Last Horseman  

  6. The cute meter just pegged. 🙂

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