Empires Decline!

Is my rapturous joy about this subject premature or is it just another one of those movements that go nowhere.  For sure you won’t see it in lamestream “news” and once again people who still have half a brain in America-stan are in the minority.  

States asserting their right to blow off the Federal Government!  For all the right reasons.


“The federal government likes to use blackmail techniques such as with holding highway and welfare funds to a state when a state doesn’t tow the line, demand that New Hampshire take measures to become more economicly independant and marginalize that blackmail.”

Hope though comes from other states coming to the same conclusion.



Most likely it is just wishful thinking though as Vermont’s succession movement never when anywhere.



Recovery from eight full years of tyrannical sociopathic control lies not in an administration that wants 448 million for a Homeland Insecurity building as part of a glorious FDR type New Deal.  I think this New Deal rates the equivalent of PNAC’s “A New Pearl Harbor” in it’s Satanic destroy America faster theme.


How can I teach the horses to dance.


  1. and other food items.  Check out the latest trends in their “downsizing”.

  2. The federal government is too big but not too big to fail as it has ceased to be anything but an ATM for the Corps of mass destruction.. No not premature as the feds are just one big money suck for the corps and people gotta survive. Local economies are the only solution we have. It’s the one positive thing about this freakin mess. The states have no choice, they cannot exist without distancing themselves from the big extortion. Naomi Klein’s main solution to crisis capitalism is community. I always wanted to live in Cascadia.    

    • Edger on February 5, 2009 at 7:38 pm

    Turn out the lights…

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