Shameless, Shameful and Unbelievable

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This is Really Hard to Believe is the name of a new article by Barry Nolan that is now up on the ePluribus Media journal. The title of this diary reflects three things this non-diary diary represents: a shameless plug about a shamefully neglected topic, and the unbelievable stories that Barry encounters at the Battered Mother’s Custody Conference (YouTube link) that was recently held in Albany.

You need to read Barry’s piece. Make the jump for a little more info, a minor rant, and the opportunity to flame me in comments if this diary offends you.

The fact that this topic often fails to receive the attention that it deserves offends me.

From the BuzzFlash entry about the piece:

Now on the ePluribus Media Journal, Barry Nolan reports on the Battered Mothers Custody Conference recently held in Albany. (YouTube on the conference:… From Barry’s piece: “This is really hard to believe. I am sitting in a room filled with women who were beaten, and violated in terrible ways. The room is not in Bosnia, or some far flung third-world hell-hole. I am in a function room in a hotel in Albany at the Battered Mothers Custody Conference. […snip…] It is a strange world in Child and Family court. […snip…] in this odd little corner of our judicial system, courts routinely order children to “reunite” with a sexual predator parent who hurt them. All in the name of “family re-unification”.” Go read the piece. It’s not only powerful — it’s unbelievable.

And this is an excerpt from the Discussion Thread set up to talk about the article over on ePluribus Media’s Community Site:

If you want to find out more about the conference, visit the the oifficial site of the Battered Mothers Custody Conference. Here is a little about the conference from their website:

The Conference includes presentations, round-table discussions, and question & answer sessions with nationally distinguished professionals whose work is focused on resolving the complex issues facing battered women as they strive to protect themselves and their children in and out of court during custody and visitation disputes.  It is open to lay persons and of special interest toadvocates, social workers, psychologists, attorneys, judges, legal personnel, and others involved in the issue of battered women’s and abused children’s legal and civil rights being routinely violated by family courts, DSS, and other government systems.

More About the Conference

Recently, DemFromCT posted a brief blurb about the passage of SCHIP in the House, and the next steps prior to it becoming law. Here’s an excerpt from that, touching on another very important aspect:

Next steps: The Senate, passage, signing the bills. However, one issue still on the table is the Legal Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act (ICHIA). It’s in the House bill, and could be included in the Senate bill, eliminating the current five year waiting period for legally residing immigrant children, or it could come up in committee to reconcile the two bills (more here from Kaiser on the two versions.) School-based clinics might be included in the reimbursement as well (a good thing, since for many poor kids, it is a main source of health care.)

It shouldn’t matter whether someone is a supporter of Democrats or Republicans. It shouldn’t matter if someone is liberal or conservative.  It shouldn’t be “progressive” to care about the health of a nation, nor should healthcare for children be an item up for debate.

Common sense, ethics and genuine humanity should dictate that domestic abuse is bad, healthcare is a necessity and our children are our future — not only in terms of family, but in terms of national survival.  They are the inheritors of whatever legacy we leave, and they will be guided by what they learn in time, shaped by our words and deeds, into creating a legacy for their future descendants. A legacy for all humanity.

Why is this such a problem for so many people to grasp, particularly those who like to proclaim their “honor” and “integrity” and “family values” and “religious fervor” and “Christian values” so boldly and loudly, like a chimp beating its chest or a moron in a pissing contest with a firehose?


Read Barry’s article on the ePluribus Media Journal.


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    • GreyHawk on January 15, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    for the big inauguration and send-off…

    …and looks like we’re all hoping that the “send-off” will be a two-stage one: the first stage gets ’em out of office, and the second stage requires bracelets, leg-irons and orange jumpsuits.


  1. when you turn the fate of the most vulnerable over to bureaucracies that have become tools for ideologies. It makes us all afraid of the help we need.        

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