International Criminal Court – second of an unending series

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Since Bob Fertik’s question got totally ignored then we can try another approach with the same potential result. Ask Obama to join the ICC. Let the world do what our fearful leaders won’t.

I just found this after hunting around a little bit. Added my $0.02 comment there.

United States joining the International Criminal Court

With all due respect President Obama,

If you are unwilling to prosecute the Bush Administration for war crimes in order to hold accountability and restore our moral standing in the world, then will you please have the United States join the International Criminal Court ?  This will ensure that you are sincere in being held accountable, ensure future administrations will not be able to repeat war crimes without being held accountable, and will restore our moral standing in the world.

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1/16/2009 7:18 PM

I fully and enthusiastically support this proposition. Please join the ICC. If you don’t have the simple decency to pursue the war crimes of the previous administration then let the American people have the freedom to ask the International Court for intervention.

Maybe Buhdy and Bob can get something going again along this path. We can’t stop. We can’t allow our voices to be silenced and ignored. Keep posting. Keep pushing. They may ignore ripples and small waves. They cannot ignore a tsunami. We need to be the tsunami.



  1. Bob’s question got totally ignored. We didn’t get the answer we wanted from Obama, but I’m not sure we will until later. The media got on this story BIG time and I think that was, in part, a result of Bob’s question.

    So yes, I’ll join you in keeping on it!!!!!!!!

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