Frostbite victims for peace?

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How many cases of frostbite will it take to end the war and occupation of Iraq?

Iraq Moratorium activists in Wisconsin ponder that, with the weather forecast for Friday, Jan. 16, this month’s Iraq Moratorium day, for subzero temperatures and even worse wind-chill readings.  There are warnings about frostbite and hypothermia.

Iraq Moratorium-Wisconsin noted, in an email to organizers:

While standing at a vigil in sub-zero temperatures may be an expression of our commitment, frostbite and hypothermia will not end the war and occupation of Iraq.

This is not to suggest canceling planned events for Friday; our experience in Milwaukee is that it is almost impossible to get the word out to everyone even when a decision is made to cancel.  Some people will come anyway.

However, if it is really as cold as the forecast indicates, it might make sense to think about shortening up the vigil and moving indoors after 15-30 minutes to a nearby coffee shop, restaurant or other location.  Use the time to discuss the war, plan a February Moratorium event, write a letter, circulate a petition to bring the National Guard home, or take some other action to help get US troops out of Iraq.

Here’s a list of scheduled Wisconsin events on Friday: Iraq Moratorium-Wisconsin.

It may fall on peace-loving people in warmer climes to pick up the slack this week.  You’ll find a list of events in your area, ideas for individual action, and more on the national website.

We’re hardy in Wisconsin, but even we have our limits.

UPDATE: They didn’t exactly say it, but methinks the folks in Wyandott, MI think we’re wimpy.


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  1. Warm sentiments appreciated.

    • poe on January 15, 2009 at 00:38

    So you didn’t think I’d find you over here, huh?  I shall clarify:  You are not wimpy.  You are awesome.  We are very cool too.  

    In all seriousness, we are all doing what we can – and your diaries and activism have long been an inspiration to me.  So there.  ~: )

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