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Wednesday I’m headed north to the lake house, where I’m supposed to have Inet but maybe not, one reason I’m agitating for Wednesday.  

Could be gone until the day after eksmas (Friday) and while I would normally expect to be available as usual between 11 pm and midnight certainly, I’ll also unavailable during “family time” at my sister’s which includes at least 2 huge meals a day.  She doesn’t have a connection.

If I have access I’ll be working out of a flash drive on a borrowed machine which is always excellent fun.

Still I’m hoping and planning on staying in touch, looking forward to it actually.

But the lake house could be basically uninhabitable unless you wanted to camp out by the fireplace.  No heat, no phone, no electricity, no water.

No fun at all.

Nor is staying at my sister’s although I’m usually allowed a quiet corner to sulk.

I’ll expect she’ll get tired of cooking and be glad to see our backs.  I imagine we’ll leave right after breakfast Friday, after lunch if we leave from the lake house (which should mean net).


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  1. I’ll try to set some content up.

  2. But a time for posting without a connection?  A time for access without an account?  Are there no internet cafes?  Are there no libraries?  Every fool who goes about with “Merry Christmas” on his lips should be boiled in his own diary and buried with a flash drive through his heart!

    Bah!  Humbug!  

    • dkmich on December 23, 2008 at 11:02

    from Verizon or ATT?  I have a lake house, but it has water, electricity and flush toilets.  🙂  It doesn’t have TV or internet.  Where we are, I have to settle for Dish; and they don’t do internetin our area except for some super expensive outfit I never heard of.  I was thinking about getting my lap tapped connected through Verizon and was wondering if you knew how well they worked.  

    In any event, I hope you have a happy holiday.  I’m not much on Christmas (no tree, lights or cards), but I enjoy the time with my daughter and grandsons.  My brother?  Eh, we were never close; and we only saw and talked to one another when my parents were alive.  Now?  Doesn’t happen. So be it.  

    • kj on December 23, 2008 at 14:47

    in the sulking corner, muttering about flash drives and the lack of internet connection instead of the lack of heat, electricity and water.

    i like it.  it fits.  😉

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